Objects from Marten Falls First Nation

Images of objects from Marten Falls First Nation including moccasins, mittens, canoes and Tamarac birds


These mukluks were locally made out of split moosehide. Winters are cold and snowy in Marten Falls First Nation, located in northern Ontario, and the mukluks are worn to protect from the elements.

Birchbark Baskets

These birchbark baskets are designed to hold foodstuffs such as dried fish, dried meats, and berries in the summer. During the winter, they are used to store pemmican - a high energy snack made out of meat and sometimes dried berries.

Moccasins and Mittens

Crafted out of moosehide by local artisans in Marten Falls Frist Nation, the beaded designs on these mittens and moccasins symbolize life, Mother Nature, and all the natural elements.

Canoe Paddles

Locally crafted in Marten Falls First Nation, these paddles are designed for shallow water use. When boating on the Albany River, the paddles can be used as poles in the shallow areas.

Tamarac Birds

Tamarac birds symbolize the cultural activities surrounding the goose hunt in the Marten Falls First Nation. Each spring, hundreds of fowl are collected. In the past, the Tamarac birds were also made in larges sizes to use as decoys.