38th Parliament, 2nd Session

No. 49

No 49

Votes and Proceedings


Legislative Assembly
of Ontario

Assemblée législative
de l'Ontario

March 27, 2006

Daytime Meeting - Sessional Day 71

27 mars 2006

Séance de l'après-midi - jour de session 71

2nd Session,
38th Parliament

2e session
38e législature

1:30 P.M.

13 H 30

Mr. Duncan delivered to the Speaker a message from His Honour the Lieutenant Governor signed by his own hand, and the said message was read by the Speaker and is as follows:-

James K. Bartleman

The Lieutenant Governor transmits Supplementary Estimates of certain sums required for the services of the Province for the year ending 31st March 2006 and recommends them to the Legislative Assembly.

Le lieutenant-gouverneur transmet les prévisions supplémentaires des dépenses visant les montants nécessaires au fonctionnement de la province pour l'exercice se terminant le 31 mars 2006 et les recommande à l'Assemblée législative.

Toronto, 27th March 2006.

Toronto, le 27 mars 2006.

(Sessional Paper No. 104, Agriculture and Food, Citizenship and Immigration, Community and Social Services, Economic Development and Trade, Finance, Health and Long-Term Care, Management Board Secretariat, and Transportation).

(Document parlementaire no 104, Agriculture et de l'Alimentation, Affaires civiques et de l'Immigration, Services sociaux et communautaires, Développement économique et du Commerce, Finances, Santé et des Soins de longue durée, Secrétariat du Conseil de gestion, et Transports).

Ordered, That the message of the Lieutenant Governor together with the Estimates accompanying same be deemed to be referred to the Standing Committee on Estimates pursuant to Standing Order 61(a).



The following Bill was introduced and read the first time:-

Le projet de loi suivant est présenté et lu une première fois:-

Bill 82, An Act to authorize the expenditure of certain amounts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2006. Hon. Mr. Duncan.

Projet de loi 82, Loi autorisant l'utilisation de certaines sommes pour l'exercice se terminant le 31 mars 2006. L'hon. M. Duncan.



Notwithstanding Standing Order 53, with unanimous consent, on motion by Mr. Bradley,

Ordered, That, notwithstanding Standing Order 96(d), Mr. Orazietti and Mr. Wilkinson exchange places in the order of precedence for Private Members' Public Business such that Mr. Orazietti assumes ballot item number 37 and Mr. Wilkinson assumes ballot item number 51.

With unanimous consent, on motion by Mr. Bradley,

Avec le consentement unanime, sur la motion de M. Bradley,

Ordered, That the following amendments be made to the membership of certain Committees:-

On the Standing Committee on Estimates:-

Mr. Wilkinson replaces Mr. Kular

Mr. Zimmer replaces Mr. Milloy

On the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs:-

Mrs. Sandals replaces Mr. Wilkinson

On the Standing Committee on General Government:-

Mr. Brownell replaces Mr. Dhillon

Mr. Flynn replaces Ms. Matthews

On the Standing Committee on Government Agencies:-

Mr. Milloy replaces Mr. Berardinetti

Mr. Wilkinson replaces Mr. Orazietti

On the Standing Committee on Justice Policy:-

Mr. Balkissoon replaces Mr. Brownell

Mr. Berardinetti replaces Mr. Delaney

Mr. Dhillon replaces Mr. Flynn

Mr. McMeekin replaces Ms. Mossop

Mr. Orazietti replaces Mr. Qaadri

Mrs. Van Bommel replaces Mr. Racco

On the Standing Committee on Legislative Assembly:-

Ms. Mossop replaces Mr. Balkissoon

On the Standing Committee on Public Accounts:-

Ms. Matthews replaces Mrs. Sandals

On the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills:-

Mr. Levac replaces Mr. Kular

Mr. Sergio replaces Mrs. Van Bommel

On the Standing Committee on Social Policy:-

Mr. Kular replaces Mr. Craitor

Mr. Qaadri replaces Mr. Racco



Petition relating to funding the treatment of the occult sub-type of macular degeneration with photodynamic therapy for all patients (Sessional Paper No. P-108) Mr. Dunlop.

Petition relating to identity theft (Sessional Paper No. P-113) Mr. Ruprecht.

Petition relating to funding to homes for special care (Sessional Paper No. P-120) Mrs. Munro.

Petitions relating to increasing operating funding to Long Term Care homes (Sessional Paper No. P-136) Mr. Leal and Mr. O'Toole.

Petition relating to supporting and funding the ongoing service delivery of the Peel Community Mediation Service through Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services (Sessional Paper No. P-137) Mr. Delaney.

Petition relating to supporting public education (Sessional Paper No. P-139) Mr. Craitor.

Petition relating to ceasing all cutbacks and providing quality health care to the citizens of Niagara Falls (Sessional Paper No. P-140) Mr. Craitor.

Petition relating to providing access to Erbitux, Avastin, Velcade and other intravenous cancer chemotherapy drugs (Sessional Paper No. P-141) Mr. Fonseca.

Petitions relating to passing Bill 67, the Organ and Tissue Donation Mandatory Declaration Act, 2006 (Sessional Paper No. P-142) Mr. Hardeman, Mr. Miller, Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Yakabuski.



Debate was resumed on the motion that this House approves in general the Budgetary Policy of the Government.

Le débat reprend sur la motion portant que la présente Assemblée adopte en général la politique budgétaire du gouvernement.

After some time,

Après quelque temps,

Mr. Tory moved that the motion moved by the Minister of Finance on March 23, 2006 "That this House approves in general the budgetary policy of the government" be amended by deleting the words following the words "that this House" and adding thereto the following:-

"Recognizes that the budgetary policy put forward by the Minister of Finance continues the McGuinty government's legacy of broken promises and demands more and more from taxpayers while delivering less and less; and that this House condemns the government for:-

Not living up to its promise to balance the budget, and actually making strong efforts to avoid doing so;

Using questionable accounting tricks to inflate an artificial deficit that suits their own political agenda;

Failing to support Ontario farmers and their plight while simultaneously cutting the Ministry of Agriculture more than $240 million;

Suffocating the Ontario economy and competitiveness with out of control taxation, spending, and ill-advised electricity policy and allowing Ontario to fall further and further behind the rest of the country in economic success and growth;

Losing more than 80,000 well-paying manufacturing jobs under their watch and failing to have an overall plan that will aid the many communities now affected by mass layoffs and plant closures;

Allowing and implementing more than $2,000.00 in government fees and charges to accumulate on Ontarians' pocket books under their watch and as a result of their policies.

Therefore the government has lost the confidence of this House"

On motion by Mr. Kormos,

Sur la motion de M. Kormos,

Ordered, That the debate be adjourned.

Il est ordonné que le débat soit ajourné.

Debate was resumed on the motion for Third Reading of Bill 210, An Act to amend the Child and Family Services Act and make complementary amendments to other Acts.

Le débat reprend sur la motion portant troisième lecture du projet de loi 210, Loi modifiant la Loi sur les services à l'enfance et à la famille et apportant des modifications complémentaires à d'autres lois.

After some time, the motion was declared carried and the Bill was accordingly read the third time and was passed.

Après quelque temps, la motion est déclarée adoptée et en conséquence, ce projet de loi est lu une troisième fois et adopté.

Mr. Bradley moved, That the House do now adjourn.

M. Bradley propose que l'Assemblée ajourne les débats maintenant.

The question, having been put on the motion, was declared carried.

Cette motion, mise aux voix, est déclarée adoptée.

The House then adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

À 16 h 50, la chambre a ensuite ajourné ses travaux.

le président

Mike Brown





Bill 82, An Act to authorize the expenditure of certain amounts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2006 (No. 105).


Final Answers to Question Numbers: 81, 83, 85, 89, 91, 92, 93.