Monday 27 April 1992

Subcommittee Report


Chair / Président: Beer, Charles (York North/-Nord L)*

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président: Daigeler, Hans (Nepean L)*

Drainville, Dennis (Victoria-Haliburton ND)

Fawcett, Joan M. (Northumberland L)*

Martin, Tony (Sault Ste Marie ND)

Mathyssen, Irene (Middlesex ND)

O'Neill, Yvonne (Mrs) (Ottawa-Rideau L)

Owens, Stephen (Scarborough Centre ND)*

White, Drummond (Durham Centre ND)*

Wilson, Gary (Kingston and The Islands/Kingston et Les Iles ND)

Wilson, Jim (Simcoe West/-Ouest PC)

Witmer, Elizabeth (Waterloo North/-Nord PC)

Clerk / Greffière: Mellor, Lynn

* in attendance / présents

The committee met at 1515 in room 151.


The Chair (Mr Charles Beer): I recognize a quorum. We are gathered to receive the report of the subcommittee, and what I thought I would do, just so it is in the record, is to read report 1 of the subcommittee. I believe you all have it in front of you but I will read it into the record.

"Your subcommittee on committee business met on Thursday, December 19, 1991, Tuesday, April 21 and Thursday, April 23, 1992, on a matter pursuant to standing order 123 as designated by Joan Fawcett, MPP.

"`Impact of the conversion of the Ontario scholarship assistance plan as a loans and grant program to a loans-only program and an examination of alternative student funding strategies such as the Ontario Scholars award and the consequences of all possible changes in areas such as accessibility and affordability to post-secondary education, and the impact of these changes on economic growth, for the time period of 12 hours.'

"The subcommittee recommended that the meetings commence on Monday, May 4, and continue May 5, 11, 12 and 25. It also recommended that key groups be given 30 minutes, and 20 minutes be allotted for other groups. It further recommended: two hours for presentations from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Ministry of Treasury and Economics, simultaneously if possible; seven hours for public hearings from the specified list, allowing some flexibility if necessary; one hour for responses from the ministries, simultaneously if possible; one hour for initial direction to the research officer regarding the committee's report; and one hour for review of final draft of report.

"Proposed agenda:

"Monday 4 May 1992: 3:30 pm, Ministry of Colleges and Universities; 4:30 pm, Ministry of Treasury and Economics; 5:30 pm, Ontario Council of Regents, Mr Richard Johnston, chair.

"Tuesday 5 May 1992: 3:30 pm, Ontario Federation of Students; 4 pm, Council of Ontario Universities; 4:30 pm, Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario; 5 pm, Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations; 5:30 pm, Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs.

"Monday 11 May 1992: 3:30 pm, Ontario Community College Presidents' Association; 3:50 pm, Confederation of Ontario University Staff Association; 4:10 pm, Ontario Graduates Association; 4:30 pm, Canadian Organization of Part-Time University Students; 4:50 pm, Canadian Union of Educational Workers; 5:10 pm, Ontario Council on University Affairs; 5:30 pm, Coalition Against Poverty.

"Tuesday 12 May 1992: 3:30 pm, Alliance for Ontario Universities; 3:50 pm, Mr Chuck Hill, director of student awards, University of Western Ontario; 4:10 pm, Canadian Association for Adult Education for Friends of Ontario Universities; 4:30 pm, Association of Private Vocational Schools in Ontario; 4:50 pm, David A. A. Stager, professor of economics, University of Toronto; 5:10 pm, Rod Fraser, vice-principal, Queen's University; 5:30 pm, Stuart L. Smith, MD.

"Monday 25 May 1992: 3:30 pm, response from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities; 4 pm, response from the Ministry of Treasury of Economics; 4:30 pm, direction to the research officer regarding the committee's report (one hour)."

It is noted that the review of final draft report will be one hour, date to be announced.

This of course is subject to change, depending on whether these groups can all appear at the times we've set out. That is what was discussed by the subcommittee, and can I ask the clerk if I may deem that this be adopted? Mr Daigeler? Thank you. All in favour? All opposed? It is deemed.

Mr Drummond White (Durham Centre): It's automatically deemed, is it not?

The Chair: Yes. I'm learning on the job. If there is no further business before the committee --

Mr Hans Daigeler (Nepean): Do we have any indication yet in terms of the people being able to participate?

The Chair: I believe May 4 and May 5 are now set; people have been approached. The clerk will now go on and deal with the group for May 11 and subsequent.

Mr Daigeler: So for next week it's as planned?

The Chair: Yes.

Clerk of the Committee (Ms Lynn Mellor): At this point the ministries are speaking among themselves as to whether they're going to make individual appearances or a joint appearance for the two hours. That's the only thing at this point, but there will still be the same players.

The Chair: We had suggested they might take better advantage of the time by doing it together. Okay? So we'll meet again in thunder, lightning and in rain after routine proceedings next Monday.

Mr Daigeler: After the budget?

The Chair: Yes. If there are no further questions, this meeting is adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 1521.