Tuesday 21 April 1992

Election of Chair

Election of Vice-Chair

Business subcommittee


Chair / Président: Beer, Charles (York North/-Nord L)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président: Daigeler, Hans (Nepean L)

Drainville, Dennis (Victoria-Haliburton ND)

Fawcett, Joan M. (Northumberland L)

Martin, Tony (Sault Ste Marie ND)

Mathyssen, Irene (Middlesex ND)

O'Neill, Yvonne (Ottawa-Rideau L)

Owens, Stephen (Scarborough Centre ND)

White, Drummond (Durham Centre ND)

Wilson, Gary (Kingston and The Islands/Kingston et Les Îles ND)

Wilson, Jim (Simcoe West/-Ouest PC)

Witmer, Elizabeth (Waterloo North/-Nord PC)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants:

Caplan, Elinor (Oriole, L) for Mrs Fawcett

Frankford, Robert (Scarborough East/-Est, ND) for Mr Martin

Ward, Brad (Brantford ND) for Mr Owens

Clerk pro tem / Greffier par intérim: Carrozza, Frank

Staff / Personnel: Drummond, Alison, research officer, Legislative Research Service

The committee met at 1533 in room 151.


Clerk pro tem (Mr Franco Carrozza): Honourable members, it is my duty to call upon you to elect a Chair. Could I have a nomination, please.

Mr Hans Daigeler (Nepean): I would like to move the name of Charles Beer as Chairman of the committee.

Clerk pro tem: Mr Daigeler moves that Mr Charles Beer take the chair. Any other nominations? There being no other nominations, I call upon Mr Beer to take the chair as elected Chairman.

The Chair (Mr Charles Beer): Thank you to the members of the committee for my selection as Chair. I would like at this time to note the presence of the former Chair of the committee, Mrs Caplan, the member for Oriole, and, if I might on behalf of everybody, thank her for her chairpersonship. Is that the correct way one phrases it?

Mrs Yvonne O'Neill (Ottawa-Rideau): Effective chairing.

The Chair: Effective chairing. Thank you. I thank her for all her work. I will try to live up to the high standard she set.


The Chair: Now it is my duty to call for nominations for the position of Vice-Chair.

Mrs O'Neill: I have a nomination: Mr Hans Daigeler.

The Chair: Mr Daigeler is nominated by Mrs O'Neill, the member for Ottawa-Rideau, to be the Vice-Chair. Are there any other nominations? Going once, twice, thrice. Mr Daigeler is the Vice-Chair of the committee.


The Chair: At this point we need to create the subcommittee of the committee. I know Ms Fawcett is going to serve on the subcommittee for the Liberal caucus. She is not able to be with us today, but I need a motion. Perhaps Mrs Caplan would be good enough to create the subcommittee, if she would do that.

Mrs Caplan: Yes, I'm subbing today for Ms Fawcett, who has agreed on behalf of our caucus. I would move the establishment of the subcommittee and, if appropriate, point out that Ms Fawcett, the member for Northumberland, will be representing the Liberal caucus.

The Chair: For the record, I wonder if you could read out the formal words.

Mrs Caplan: I would be happy to.

"On motion by Ms Caplan, member for Oriole, it was agreed that the Chair and a member from each caucus on the committee serve as members of a subcommittee, pursuant to standing orders 121 and 123."

Motion agreed to.

The Chair: As I mentioned, the member for Northumberland is serving on the subcommittee for the Liberal caucus. Who would be the representative from the Conservative caucus?

Mr Jim Wilson (Simcoe West): Ms Witmer.

The Chair: Ms Witmer, the member for Waterloo North.

Mrs Irene Mathyssen (Middlesex): Mr Owens will be the member from the government caucus.

The Chair: Mr Owens, the member for Scarborough Centre. Fine.

The clerk informs me that there is no legislation that has been directed to the committee as of this moment. There is left over from the previous session a standing order 123 that was put forward in the name of Ms Fawcett. What I propose at this point is that I meet with members of the subcommittee so we could look at planning our work and in particular to see when we might begin work on the standing order 123 that Ms Fawcett submitted in December.

If that is okay, I ask if there is any further business before the committee. If not, we will reconvene at the call of the Chair.

I ask the members of the subcommittee to stay behind for a brief meeting. Thank you. We're adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 1538.