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Wednesday 18 May 2011 Mercredi 18 mai 2011

917866 ONTARIO INC. ACT, 2011


The committee met at 0901 in room 151.

917866 ONTARIO INC. ACT, 2011

Consideration of Bill Pr48, An Act to revive 917866 Ontario Inc.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): We’ll call the meeting to order. The first item is Bill Pr48, An Act to revive 917866 Ontario Inc.

Mr. Murdoch is substituting for Christine Elliott. Mr. Murdoch, the floor is yours.

Mr. Bill Murdoch: As you can see, we did a couple of these last week; another one of those corporations that has to be revived because they’ve got to get rid of some land or something like that. Last week we discovered, I think, that it was either the accountants or the lawyers who messed it up. We really didn’t know which it was.

Mr. Edward Marks: It wasn’t me. It was the accountant.

Mr. Bill Murdoch: Okay. And some of them are our friends, so we didn’t think it was them. In this case, we don’t know each other so we’re liable to blame the lawyers in this one.

I think it’s straightforward, as you can see from the preamble. That’s really all I have to say. I think we can just go ahead with it, unless there’s something somebody has.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): Then I would ask the applicant to introduce himself for the purpose of Hansard. You are Mr. Marks?

Mr. Edward Marks: Edward Marks, counsel for the applicants.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): All right. Anything you have to say on this issue?

Mr. Edward Marks: Mr. Chairman, members of the committee, we would respectfully request that you pass this onto the Legislature with a positive approval. This is an unfortunate situation. The company was dissolved unbeknownst to me. I acted on the sale of property in Port Hope. The numbered company held a mortgage. It was discharged in 2010 but I found out after the fact that the company had actually been dissolved in 2005. All the money for the discharge is being held by the bank. They won’t release it. It’s in a suspense fund until this company is revived. My client has had no use of the money since December, when the deal closed. That’s the explanation for asking that the corporation be revived.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): Are there any interested parties in the room who want to speak to this? Any other interested parties?

Seeing none, Parliamentary Assistant, any comments from the government?

Mr. Lou Rinaldi: No. We have no objection to this.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): There is something. If I could draw to your attention, if you might have a comment—

Mr. Paul Miller: I have a question—

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): I’ll leave that and I’ll go straight to Mr. Miller.

Mr. Paul Miller: Yes, 7(b): “a statement that the companies and personal property security branch of the Ministry of Government Services and the corporations tax branch of the Ministry of Finance have been consulted including an indication as to whether either ... Ministry of Finance are not prepared to consent to the revival until they are satisfied all corporate income has been declared.”

Has that been done?

Mr. Edward Marks: I personally delivered the corporate tax returns to the ministry in Oshawa and they’ve approved it.

Mr. Paul Miller: Okay. Thank you.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): Any other questions? Anyone? Are the members ready to vote?

Shall section 1 carry? Carried.

Shall section 2 carry? Carried.

Shall section 3 carry? Carried.

Shall the preamble carry? Carried.

Shall the title carry? Carried.

Shall the bill carry? Carried.

Shall I report the bill to the House? Agreed.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Edward Marks: Thank you very much.

Mr. Kim Craitor: Is that it?

Mr. Paul Miller: That’s it.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): No.


The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): The next item is either a short one or a long one, depending on how people wish to proceed. This is the draft report on regulations made in 2010. Mr. McNaught is here, the counsel and research officer. We can go through the draft report.

In the past, we’ve dealt with draft reports sometimes in one day, sometimes over many months. As you are aware, this is the second-last meeting of this committee, and if it does not look like we can finish it, we may have to make a motion to forward it to November or December, when the House returns. But be that as it may, Mr. McNaught, I’ll leave the floor to you.

Mr. Paul Miller: So are we making a motion to move it to November?

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): I think Mr. McNaught may want to speak to it very briefly, and then we’ll make a decision on what to do.

Mr. Paul Miller: Okay.

Mr. Andrew McNaught: It’s difficult to predict how long these things will take. We’re reporting seven regulations in this draft report. Some of them are difficult or technical issues. As I say, I have no way of predicting whether we could get through it today or whether it would take more than one meeting, but I’m prepared to go ahead.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): Is there any discussion? Do people want to try to see whether we can get through it, or do you want to put it to November?

Mr. Paul Miller: Just a question: Is there anything that’s expedient, anyone waiting on any decisions, or is there anything that has to be done before the summer that’s important to anyone here? Or is this something that can be dealt with in November?

Mr. Andrew McNaught: There’s no time requirement here. This could be moved back or moved to the next Parliament, if you wish. The committee’s mandate is to report from time to time.

Mr. Paul Miller: Right. But it doesn’t affect anyone out in the public or hold them back from achieving any goals, or—

Mr. Andrew McNaught: No.

Mr. Paul Miller: Okay.

Mr. Tony Ruprecht: I’m prepared to make a motion, Mr. Chair.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): Mr. Ruprecht wishes to make a motion. Yes?

Mr. Tony Ruprecht: I move that this report be stood down until November.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): I think it would be appropriate to receive the report and refer it to the first meeting of the regulations and private bills committee following the October election. I think that’s the way it would have to be worded. Is that your motion?

Mr. Tony Ruprecht: That is the motion.

Interjection: That’s a good motion.

Mr. Tony Ruprecht: That’s a very good motion.

Mr. Bill Murdoch: The only thing I would say on that is that if you have difficulty when you get back here next year and you need me, I’ll be around somewhere in the country. You may have to bring me in just to help keep the peace.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): I think that is true of all of us: No one knows for sure who’s going to be here.

Mr. Bill Murdoch: Well, I know for sure.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): But we do know 107 bodies will be sitting upstairs.

Mr. Tony Ruprecht: Can I get Mr. Miller’s agreement on this so that it will be unanimous?

Mr. Paul Miller: What do you think, Mr. Kormos?


Mr. Peter Kormos: I don’t know. Dangerous.

Mr. Paul Miller: Dangerous? Mr. Kormos is kind of in a grey area, so I’ll say okay.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): All right, so we have a motion. Is there any other discussion? All those in favour of the motion? Opposed? That’s carried.

Any other items for today? Are there any other items?

Mr. Kim Craitor: At least we closed unanimously. That’s really nice.

Mr. Paul Miller: We’ve got one more meeting yet.

Mr. Kim Craitor: No, this one.

Mr. Peter Kormos: The Liberals don’t want to work?

Mr. Paul Miller: No, actually, it’s all of us today.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Prue): Okay, then, the meeting is adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 0908.


Wednesday 18 May 2011

917866 Ontario Inc. Act, 2011, Bill Pr48, Mrs. Elliott T-107

Mr. Bill Murdoch

Mr. Edward Marks

Draft report on regulations T-107


Chair / Président

Mr. Michael Prue (Beaches–East York ND)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Paul Miller (Hamilton East–Stoney Creek / Hamilton-Est–Stoney Creek ND)

Mr. David Caplan (Don Valley East / Don Valley-Est L)

Mr. Kim Craitor (Niagara Falls L)

Mr. Jeff Leal (Peterborough L)

Mr. Gerry Martiniuk (Cambridge PC)

Mr. Paul Miller (Hamilton East–Stoney Creek / Hamilton-Est–Stoney Creek ND)

Mr. Bill Murdoch (Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound PC)

Mr. Michael Prue (Beaches–East York ND)

Mr. Lou Rinaldi (Northumberland–Quinte West L)

Mr. Tony Ruprecht (Davenport L)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants

Mr. Joe Dickson (Ajax–Pickering L)

Also taking part / Autres participants et participantes

Mr. Peter Kormos (Welland ND)

Clerk / Greffière

Ms. Valerie Quioc Lim

Staff / Personnel

Ms. Catherine Oh, legislative counsel

Mr. Andrew McNaught, research officer,
Legislative Research Service