JP007 - Thu 17 Sep 2015 / Jeu 17 sep 2015



Thursday 17 September 2015 Jeudi 17 septembre 2015

Appointment of subcommittee

The committee met at 1408 in committee room 1.

Appointment of subcommittee

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): Thank you, colleagues. I call the meeting of the justice policy committee to order. As you know, we have a heavy agenda today: the appointment of a subcommittee member. The floor is now Ms. Scott’s.

Ms. Laurie Scott: I move that the following changes be made to the membership of the subcommittee on committee business: that Mr. Smith be replaced by Mr. Hillier.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): Thank you. Are there any further comments or concerns?

We’ll proceed to the vote. All those in favour of this motion presented? All opposed? The motion is carried.

Welcome, Mr. Hillier, officially, to the justice policy committee.

Mr. Randy Hillier: Thank you.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): And Ms. Scott—and everyone.

Are there any further issues before the committee? Yes, Mr. Hillier?

Mr. Randy Hillier: I would like to propose, in speaking with the Clerk—the cut-off time for requests to appear before the committee has now elapsed. If there’s agreement to have a subcommittee meeting right now, I can postpone those discussions and just have them in the subcommittee, or we can do it at the whole committee. Do we have agreement that we can have a subcommittee meeting?

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): It’s at the will of the committee. We can, as Mr. Hillier says, either stay as full committee to discuss or adjourn and then reconvene as a subcommittee. What is the will of the committee?

Mr. Bob Delaney: If it’s business of the subcommittee, it should be a duly constituted subcommittee, and I’m afraid, Chair, I am not going to have the time to attend such a subcommittee right now. I’m running a little bit late on a commitment as it is.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): All right, so I take it you’d like—

Mr. Bob Delaney: So the subcommittee can meet at the call of the Chair, and we’ll work out a schedule with the Chair.

Mr. Randy Hillier: I’ll table a discussion, if I could, at the moment, then, if the subcommittee can’t meet.

It certainly appears, from my read on things, that we’re not going to have a substantial number of delegations to this bill in committee.

The programming motion has two days allotted for delegations and then a further two days for clause-by-clause.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): The Clerk would just like to intervene for a second.

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Tamara Pomanski): I don’t have all the numbers in, but as of now, we’re definitely going to the second day. I don’t think we’ll complete two full days, unless I’ve missed a few calls, but we’ll definitely have a full day of hearings and move to the second day for sure.

Mr. Randy Hillier: Okay. Then I’ll table the discussion.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): Okay, fair enough.

Any further business before we adjourn?

Mr. Bob Delaney: Motion to adjourn.

The Chair (Mr. Shafiq Qaadri): Okay, we’re adjourned until next Thursday.

Thank you, colleagues.

The committee adjourned at 1411.


Thursday 17 September 2015

Appointment of subcommittee JP-73


Chair / Président

Mr. Shafiq Qaadri (Etobicoke North / Etobicoke-Nord L)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti (Scarborough Southwest / Scarborough-Sud-Ouest L)

Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti (Scarborough Southwest / Scarborough-Sud-Ouest L)

Mr. Bob Delaney (Mississauga–Streetsville L)

Mr. Randy Hillier (Lanark–Frontenac–Lennox and Addington PC)

Mr. Michael Mantha (Algoma–Manitoulin ND)

Mrs. Cristina Martins (Davenport L)

Ms. Indira Naidoo-Harris (Halton L)

Mr. Arthur Potts (Beaches–East York L)

Mr. Shafiq Qaadri (Etobicoke North / Etobicoke-Nord L)

Ms. Laurie Scott (Haliburton–Kawartha Lakes–Brock PC)

Clerk / Greffière

Ms. Tamara Pomanski

Staff / Personnel

Mr. Andrew McNaught, research officer,
Research Services