JP001 - Thu 1 Mar 2012 / Jeu 1er mar 2012



Thursday 1 March 2012 Jeudi 1er mars 2012





The committee met at 0904 in committee room 1.


The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. William Short): Good morning, honourable members. It’s my duty to call upon you to elect a Chair. Are there any nominations? Mr. Berardinetti.

Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti: I’d like to move Laura Albanese as Chair of the committee.

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. William Short): Ms. Albanese, do you accept the nomination?

Mrs. Laura Albanese: I accept.

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. William Short): Any further nominations?

Seeing none, I declare the nominations closed and Ms. Albanese elected Chair of the committee.


The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): Good morning, everyone. Thank you for your confidence and your trust.

We shall move now to an election of the Vice-Chair. I’d like to ask if there are any nominations.

Mr. Mike Colle: I’d like to nominate the member from Etobicoke North as the Vice-Chair of the committee.

The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): That would be Mr. Shafiq Qaadri. That’s fine. He is not here to accept. We’ll do that in absentia.

All in favour? Carried.


The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): Now I would ask MPP Miller to read the subcommittee motion.

Mr. Paul Miller: A motion to be moved for committee: I move that a subcommittee on committee business be appointed to meet from time to time at the call of the Chair, or at the request of any member thereof, to consider and report to the committee on the business of the committee;

That the presence of all members of the subcommittee is necessary to constitute a meeting; and

That the subcommittee be composed of the following members: the Chair, Mr. Berardinetti, Mr. Klees and Ms. Armstrong; and

That substitution be permitted on the subcommittee.

The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): All in favour of the motion? Carried. Thank you.


The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): I believe that at this point we have the clerk and legislative researcher who would like to speak to us about—just a quick committee briefing.

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. William Short): Good morning, everyone. I’m William Short. I’m the clerk of the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

If anyone has any procedural or administrative questions as we go on throughout the year, feel free to give my office a contact whenever you guys have a question. We’ll make sure to get back to you and help you out with anything that you may have questions or concerns about, regarding anything that’s before the committee.

Ms. Candace Chan: Good morning. My name is Candace Chan. I’m one of the research officers from the legislative research service, with a background in law.

This is my first assignment to this committee, but I have had the opportunity to assist the social policy committee and estimates committee in the past.

I’ll be the principal researcher for this committee, although some of my other colleagues will assist the committee from time to time, depending on the subject matter.

I just wanted to highlight a few of the things that we can do for you. I think our most common task is to provide you with summaries of proceedings, and most typically this is done with regard to bills. We can provide you with a summary of the recommendations and concerns that witnesses have raised, and it’s usually organized by section or topic.

We can also provide you with background materials in anticipation of hearings and answer any research questions that arise during the proceedings.

The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): Thank you very much. Is there any other business? Yes, Mr. Klees?

Mr. Frank Klees: Could we get direct lines for both of you where we can best contact you?

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. William Short): Absolutely. Do you want a card or do you want a phone number? It’s 416-325-3883. That’s the direct line to our office.

Ms. Candace Chan: My direct number is 416-325-3692.

Mr. Frank Klees: Thank you.

The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): If there is no further business, I would adjourn. Any other business?

Mr. Frank Klees: Just a question: Is there anything on the horizon in terms of bills that are coming our way?

The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): We have two bills that have been already referred to our committee. One is Bill 4, An Act to amend the Retail Sales Tax Act to provide for a rebate of the Ontario portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax in respect of certain home heating costs.

The second bill is Bill 6, An Act to amend the Imitation Firearms Regulation Act, 2000 with respect to the sale of imitation firearms.

Mr. Frank Klees: Okay. And do we have any dates set for those yet?

The Chair (Mrs. Laura Albanese): That would be subcommittee.

Any other questions?

Thank you. I’ll declare this meeting adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 0909.


Thursday 1 March 2012

Election of Chair JP-1

Election of Vice-Chair JP-1

Appointment of subcommittee JP-1

Briefing JP-1


Chair / Présidente

Mrs. Laura Albanese (York South–Weston / York-Sud–Weston L)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Shafiq Qaadri (Etobicoke North / Etobicoke-Nord L)

Mrs. Laura Albanese (York South–Weston / York-Sud–Weston L)

Ms. Teresa Armstrong (London–Fanshawe ND)

Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti (Scarborough Southwest / Scarborough-Sud-Ouest L)

Mr. Mike Colle (Eglinton–Lawrence L)

Mr. Frank Klees (Newmarket–Aurora PC)

Mr. Jack MacLaren (Carleton–Mississippi Mills PC)

Mr. Paul Miller (Hamilton East–Stoney Creek / Hamilton-Est–Stoney Creek ND)

Mr. Rob Milligan (Northumberland–Quinte West PC)

Mr. Shafiq Qaadri (Etobicoke North / Etobicoke-Nord L)

Clerk / Greffier

Mr. William Short

Staff / Personnel

Ms. Candace Chan, research officer,
Legislative Research Service