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Monday 2 March 2015 Lundi 2 mars 2015

Committee business

The committee met at 1402 in committee room 2.

Committee business

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Good afternoon, everyone. I’d like to call the meeting to order and welcome all members of the committee. I hope everyone had a good winter—not a break, but winter work in the riding. We’re back here to do the business of what the people have elected us to do.

There was a request to have a committee meeting, so we’re gathered here today to discuss that.

I believe Mr. Colle has put up his hand, so I will recognize you, Mr. Colle.

Mr. Mike Colle: Just to facilitate the meeting, I have a list of the processes we may follow in terms of public hearings.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Excuse me, Mr. Colle. Could you mention the bill that you’re referring to?

Mr. Mike Colle: Yes, it’s Bill 31. I have a copy to go around. This is what I’d like to put before the committee, in terms of proceeding over the next while on Bill 31. Do you want me to read it out?

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Yes, Mr. Colle, please do.

Mr. Mike Colle: Okay—and then begin the discussion.

I move that the Clerk, in consultation with the Chair, be authorized to arrange the following with regard to Bill 31, Making Ontario’s Roads Safer:

(1) Two days of public hearings commencing on March 9, 2015, and followed by one day of clause-by-clause consideration; and

(2) Notice of public hearings on the Ontario parliamentary channel, the Legislative Assembly’s website and Canada NewsWire; and

(3) Witnesses are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis; and

(4) Each witness will receive up to five minutes for their presentation, followed by nine minutes for questions from committee members;

(5) The deadline for written submission is 6 p.m. on the final day of public hearings;

(6) That the research office provide a summary of the presentations by 5 p.m. on Friday of the same week following public hearings; and

(7) The deadline for filing amendments with the Clerk of the Committee be 12 noon two days preceding clause-by-clause consideration of the bill.

Basically, it follows the days that the committee normally meets on. We would have the public hearings starting, I guess, on March 9, and then we would do one on March 11. Then the clause-by-clause would be when?

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): The clause-by-clause, I believe, would be on the 23rd, which would be the Monday—

Mr. Mike Colle: Yes, and that’s because of the March break, so it just goes to the next time we meet.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Okay, thank you. Any further discussion on the motion that Mr. Colle has put forward? Mr. Mantha.

Mr. Michael Mantha: Two days is way too short. We need more days than that. This is not a one-page or a two-page bill. This is an extensive bill. Quite a few things are being changed in here. There’s a lot of input that is out there. I’m not sure where we’re going to be agreeing as far as—you’re suggesting two days, but there are different perspectives as to how this bill is going to be affecting individuals across this province. I would suggest that we at least look at a minimum of two days up in northern Ontario, some in southern Ontario, east and west. Two days is limiting the opportunity for the public to bring their discussions forward.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Thank you, Mr. Mantha. Any further discussion? Mr. Yurek.

Mr. Jeff Yurek: Yes, thanks. I concur with the member from—

Mr. Michael Mantha: Algoma–Manitoulin.

Mr. Jeff Yurek: Algoma–Manitoulin. I know, Michael.

Mr. Michael Mantha: A, A, A—oh, sorry.

Mr. Jeff Yurek: I agree with the member from Algoma–Manitoulin, a beautiful island up there. But I do think this is an all-encompassing bill that touches and reaches more than just the city of Toronto. I do agree that we should be reaching out to other parts of Ontario to hear their input on possible changes to this bill going forward.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Thank you very much. Any further discussion?

Mr. Mike Colle: Well—oh, go ahead.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Ms. McGarry?

Mrs. Kathryn McGarry: I certainly recognize that it is a big bill. We’ve had lots of debate in the House. I’m not sure there was an appetite to travel. Two days’ worth of public hearings will certainly address some. Whether we called another day of public hearings may be an option, but I didn’t believe we were going to be travelling with this particular bill.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Okay. Thank you. Any further discussion? Mr. Mantha?

Mr. Michael Mantha: I think it’s absolutely necessary for this committee to travel. If we’re going to be substantially making the changes as far as what is being reflected in this bill, we need to travel to those communities to understand particularly what different regions of this province are actually saying in regards to how this bill is going to be reflective upon their communities. In order for us to get a great grasp of how these changes are going to be implemented, I think it’s absolutely necessary that this committee travel.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Okay, thank you. Any further discussion?

Mr. Mike Colle: I’d like to take a five-minute recess just to discuss some of these considerations, just to see what is viable and possible.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Okay. Is it the committee’s consensus that we take a five-minute recess?

Mr. Jeff Yurek: I have a question.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Yes, go ahead.

Mr. Jeff Yurek: Does that preclude us from taking a recess as well, or is that just for the Liberals?

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): If the committee agrees, I can do it by consensus. If we’re going to take a five-minute—

Mr. Mike Colle: I’m requesting a five-minute recess for the committee.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): And Mr. Yurek, you’re requesting, perhaps, a five-minute recess later?

Mr. Jeff Yurek: I might. It might be 20.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Okay. I would ask the committee if that’s something that would be acceptable in the future, if that were to happen. Is the committee in agreement to have a five-minute recess? Agreed. Five-minute recess. We’ll see you back here at 2:13. Thank you.

The committee recessed from 1408 to 1413.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Back to order following a five-minute recess. Mr. Colle, you had requested the recess, so would you like to—

Mr. Mike Colle: I’ll defer.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Deferred to Mrs. McGarry.

Mrs. Kathryn McGarry: Thank you, Chair. I just really wanted to comment that I appreciate the interest in this bill—there has been a lot—through a number of our road safety partners and our community cycling agencies. But I have also recognized, having been in the House for the debate a lot of the time, that there is great public interest in getting this bill passed. There has been an appetite, because it has combined two pieces of previous legislation that died on the order paper, but I know that there’s a good appetite to make sure that we get this bill in and passed as quickly as possible.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Any further discussion? Mr. Yurek.

Mr. Jeff Yurek: Mr. Chair, it’s all well and good to hear about the appetite to pass a bill. It doesn’t mean that you rush a bill through the committee level just to appease an appetite, because I do know that the people in southwestern Ontario are quite concerned that we get this right with regard to the vehicle inspection centres that they’re going to be creating.

We’ve seen what this government has done with the Drive Clean program, taking in $19 million more than they should have before getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar; I can only imagine what they’re going to do at the end of the day if we do not take our time and get this bill right with the vehicle inspections that are going forward. So again, I think that that’s a pitiful response to an easy request of a few days’ travel to hear what people say outside of the city of Toronto.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Thank you, Mr. Yurek.

Mr. Mantha.

Mr. Michael Mantha: I agree with the comments that were made by my colleague here, and his perspective being from the south, with my perspective being from northern Ontario. Believe me that there is a large interest from the cycling community in northern Ontario. Although we have snow, there are many cycling advocates who want to have their opportunity to speak on this particular bill.

Like I said, there are many parts of this bill, and many individuals are going to be affected in different ways. We should have that opportunity. You’re absolutely right: There is an appetite to push this forward, to bring this bill forward. But we can rush it through, or we can do it right. I would rather go out and have that opportunity to speak to all parts of this province in order to get it right so that we can get it through.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Thank you very much.

Mr. Colle.

Mr. Mike Colle: I’ll move the motion.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Mr. Colle had moved the motion previously. He’s just reasserting the fact of that. Is there any further discussion? There being none, are the members ready to vote?

Mr. Jeff Yurek: Could I have a 20-minute recess, please?

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): Yes. Mr. Yurek has requested a 20-minute recess prior to the vote. That is within the privileges and in the standing orders, so there will be a 20-minute recess effective starting now.

The committee recessed from 1416 to 1436.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): I will call the meeting back to order. According to the standing orders, a member was entitled to a 20-minute recess. We have experienced that. I will now call for the vote on the motion moved by Mr. Colle.

Those in favour? Those opposed? The motion is carried.

Given the fact that the motion put forward by Mr. Colle has carried, for clarification I would just like to indicate that the two public hearings will be held on March 9 and 11. The clause-by-clause will be March 23. The deadline for written submissions will be at 6 p.m. on March 11. The research office can provide a summary of the presentations by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 13. As well, the deadline for filing amendments to Bill 31 will be Thursday, March 19, at 12 noon.

Is there any further business?

Mr. Mike Colle: I move adjournment.

The Chair (Mr. Grant Crack): There is a motion for adjournment. This committee is adjourned. Thank you very much, everyone.

The committee adjourned at 1438.


Monday 2 March 2015

Committee business G-299


Chair / Président

Mr. Grant Crack (Glengarry–Prescott–Russell L)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Joe Dickson (Ajax–Pickering L)

Mr. Mike Colle (Eglinton–Lawrence L)

Mr. Grant Crack (Glengarry–Prescott–Russell L)

Mr. Joe Dickson (Ajax–Pickering L)

Mrs. Lisa Gretzky (Windsor West / Windsor-Ouest ND)

Ms. Ann Hoggarth (Barrie L)

Ms. Sophie Kiwala (Kingston and the Islands / Kingston et les Îles L)

Ms. Eleanor McMahon (Burlington L)

Ms. Lisa M. Thompson (Huron–Bruce PC)

Mr. Jeff Yurek (Elgin–Middlesex–London PC)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants

Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti (Scarborough Southwest / Scarborough-Sud-Ouest L)

Mr. Michael Mantha (Algoma–Manitoulin ND)

Mrs. Kathryn McGarry (Cambridge L)

Clerk / Greffière

Ms. Sylwia Przezdziecki

Staff / Personnel

Mr. Andrew McNaught, research officer,
Research Services