Find out about MPPs for the 43rd Parliament

August 26, 2022

empty Legislative Chamber with desks, chandeliers, and three large windows

A general election was held on June 2 in Ontario, selecting MPPs for the 43rd Parliament. On our website, you can find a list of current MPPs page who represent Ontarians in the new Parliament.

Sort the list by name, riding, or party by selecting the label at the top of the column. Choose an MPP’s name to see their profile page. Each profile displays the MPP’s current party and parliamentary roles, career details, and contact information.

MPPs often have contact information for more than one office. Learn which office to contact in Contact an MPP. Keep in mind that contact information for legislative offices may not yet be available until the offices have been assigned. We add this information to the website as we receive it.

If you don’t know who your MPP is or what your riding is, use our Find my MPP tool. Enter your address in the search field and select “Find.” For the most accurate results, use your full address, including city and postal code. The tool will direct you to your MPP’s profile page.

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Get MPP contact information.

See all MPPs from current and past Parliaments.

View the list of ministers for the 43rd Parliament.


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