Scouts and Guides Program Overview

Scouts and Guides Program Overview

Scouts and Guides visiting the Legislature will participate in a series of engaging activities that
relate to key concepts of their badge requirements. This 90-minute program consists of three

  • A visit to the Chamber
  • An exploration of the Legislative Building through a scavenger hunt
  • A participatory mock debate

Topics covered:

  • The three levels of Government in Canada and the responsibilities of each
  • The roles and responsibilities of MPPs in Ontario, with reference to the concepts of political parties and the electoral process
  • The responsibilities of each parliamentary role in Ontario’s Legislature, as well as the legislative process
  • The rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  • The roles of the Queen and the Lieutenant Governor in Ontario and Canada
  • Architectural features and interesting details about the Chamber and the building
  • Basic geography of Ontario, including important natural resources
  • The symbols of Ontario
  • The symbols of the Legislature

Issues we will ask students to consider:

  • What happens in Parliament? What is a debate?
  • What do MPPs do? How does someone become an MPP?
  • What was Confederation?
  • What are our rights and responsibilities as citizens of Ontario?
  • What is the role of the Queen in Canada?
  • What historic traditions do we continue to observe?

Mock Debate:

In this segment of the program, the Scouts and Guides will participate in a mock debate of a fictional provincial bill. They will take on a parliamentary role and some will wear a traditional costume. The roles of the government MPPs, Opposition MPPs, Speaker, Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms will be assigned at random, so everyone (chaperones included) must be prepared to use their imaginations. Following a guided debate, the bill will be put to a vote.