Can a student apply on behalf of their choir?

No, applications must be submitted by the choir director or teacher.

Can bands apply?

Yes, but musical instruments are subject to approval.

Are instruments allowed?

Yes, but all instruments require prior approval.  The number of musical instruments will be limited due to space. A piano is available on site for your use.

What are this year's performance dates?

Performance dates begin on December 2nd, 2019, and end on December 18th, 2019.

Are songs limited to holiday themes?

Holiday themes are preferred; however, all themes will be considered. Song lists must be provided in advance and require prior approval.

How long can we perform?

Performances should be no longer than 30 minutes. All performances take place between 12:15 pm and 12:45 pm. This time slot is firm and cannot be changed due to other parliamentary activities.

Can I bring a junior and a senior choir from the same school to perform on the same day?

Yes, but the total length of the performance cannot exceed 30 minutes. The total number of participating students must also be approved in advance.

Do you pay for transportation?

No, transportation costs are the responsibility of each school/group.

Is there a cost to perform?

No, there is no cost to perform.

Will I be contacted if I am not selected?

Yes, all applicants will be contacted via email, whether they are selected or not.

Can we request a tour following our performance?

Yes, guided tours of the Legislative Building are available before or after your performance. Tour requests must be made as soon as the performance is confirmed.

What time should the choir arrive?

Choirs must arrive by 11:45 am in order to be ready to perform at 12:15 pm. Performance times cannot be altered. 

Is there a holding room for the choir?

Yes, a room will be reserved for the choir.  Light snacks are permitted in this room.

Can families and guests come and watch?

Yes, audience members are encouraged, however there is limited seating. Please let us know in advance how many additional guests will attend. Guests should arrive by 12:15 pm and are welcome to join the tour if requested.

Will there be an audience?

In addition to your guests, Members of Provincial Parliament, their staff and all Assembly staff are invited to attend, and although many cannot attend, they will enjoy your performance from their offices.