Motions de censure et de jour de l'opposition

Le jour de l'opposition est une période de temps réservée lors de certains jours de session pour considérer un motion proposée par un député de l'un des partis de l'opposition.

Une motion de censure, si adoptée, est un signal qui indique que le gouvernement a perdu la confiance de la Chambre.

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Status of Business

État des travaux

1st Session,
42nd Parliament

1re session,
42e législature

[March 20, 2019]

Section 6C

Section 6C

Special Debates


Débats spéciaux



1.         Ms. Horwath — Whereas hospital overcrowding in Brampton is critical and in a single year, 4,352 patients were treated in hallways at Brampton Civic hospital;

Whereas hospital overcrowding is a problem across Peel Region;

Therefore the Legislative Assembly calls on the Government to provide the necessary funding in the 2019-2020 Budget for the construction of a new hospital in Brampton.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed October 3, 2018.

Debated and lost on division October 16, 2018.

2.         Ms. Horwath — Whereas existing commitments were in place for post-secondary expansion in Brampton, Markham and Milton; and

Whereas this investment would have brought hundreds of jobs to each city and encouraged broader economic growth in these communities; and

Whereas the municipalities of Brampton, Markham and Milton have already spent significant amounts of money, time and effort related to the already-approved projects;

Therefore the Legislative Assembly calls on the Government to honour established commitments to fund post-secondary expansion in Brampton, Markham and Milton.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed October 24, 2018.

Debated and lost on division October 29, 2018.

3.         Ms. Horwath — Whereas every Ontarian deserves a dignified retirement and access to long-term care when they need it; and

Whereas the communities of Scarborough, Whitby and Oshawa have some of the longest waits for long-term care spaces in Ontario;

Therefore the Legislative Assembly calls on the government to commit to eliminating the wait for long-term care and, as a first step, provide the necessary funding in the 2019-2020 Budget to create 2,000 new not-for-profit long-term care spaces in Scarborough, Whitby and Oshawa.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed October 31, 2018.

Debated and lost on division November 12, 2018.

4.         Ms. Horwath — Whereas 86,000 Ontarians are diagnosed with cancer every year, half of Ontarians will develop cancer in their lifetimes, and one in four Ontarians will die from cancer;

Whereas innovative new therapies allow cancer patients to take medication at home instead of having to visit the hospital for lengthy IV treatments, but the cost of these medications are not covered by OHIP;

Whereas British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba cover the cost of take-home cancer drugs;

Whereas many take home cancer treatments can be more effective, yet the lack of coverage under Ontario’s current drug program forces people to accept less effective treatment if they cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket;

Therefore, the Legislative Assembly calls on the government to ensure universal access to take-home cancer drugs so no Ontarian has to pay out-of-pocket for life-saving treatment.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed November 14, 2018.

Debated and lost on division November 21, 2018.

5.         Ms. Horwath — Considérant que la communauté francophone de l’Ontario est la plus grande communauté francophone canadienne à l’extérieur du Québec,

Considérant que le français est l’une des deux langues officielles du Canada,

Considérant que dans la province de l’Ontario, le français est reconnu comme langue officielle dans les tribunaux, le système d’éducation et à l’Assemblée législative,

Considérant que chaque citoyen et chaque citoyenne de l’Ontario devraient avoir accès aux services gouvernementaux dont ils ont besoin, en français, quand ils en ont besoin et là où ils en ont besoin,

Considérant que le Commissaire aux services en français de l’Ontario s’assure que les droits des citoyens et citoyennes de l’Ontario, ainsi que les obligations du gouvernement et des agences gouvernementales, sont maintenus en accord avec la Loi sur les services en français,

Considérant que, pendant les 40 dernières années, les Ontariens et les Ontariennes ont cherché à fonder une université francophone indépendante, gouvernée par et pour des francophones et que la planification pour cette université est déjà bien avancée,

Considérant que l’énoncé économique d’automne du gouvernement a annoncé l’élimination du Commissariat aux services en français et l’annulation des plans pour l’Université de l’Ontario français,

Considérant que ces décisions constituent une trahison de la responsabilité de l’Ontario envers notre communauté francophone,

Qu’il soit résolu que l’Assemblée demande au gouvernement de maintenir le bureau du Commissaire aux services en français, ainsi que son financement et ses pouvoirs, et de maintenir l’engagement de l’Ontario de financer l’Université de l’Ontario français.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed November 21, 2018.

Debated and lost on division November 28, 2018.


1.         Ms. French — Whereas the people of Oshawa built General Motors Canada; and

Whereas workers in General Motors’ Oshawa plant are among the most skilled autoworkers in the world; and

Whereas the Oshawa plant is among the most efficient of General Motors operations; and

Whereas the people of Ontario provided billions of dollars to save General Motors from bankruptcy in 2009; and

Whereas General Motors, despite making a profit of $6 billion in the first three quarters of 2018, has made a callous decision to turn its back on the workers at their Oshawa Assembly plant while they expand production in Mexico; and

Whereas this closure will mean the loss of an estimated 14,000 jobs across Ontario; and

Whereas the workers in Oshawa have called on Canadians to not buy GM cars made in Mexico; and

Whereas workers deserve a government that will fight to save the thousands of jobs that are in jeopardy;

Therefore the Legislative Assembly of Ontario calls on the government of Ontario to not buy any GM vehicles made in Mexico, those being vehicles with a Vehicle Identification Number starting with a 3, until such time as General Motors reverses its decision to close the Oshawa Assembly plant.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed March 6, 2019.

Not debated March 18, 2019.

2.         Miss Taylor — Whereas the new Ontario Autism Program fails to meet the needs of children because it is age- and income-based; and

Whereas needs-based therapies are recognized to be the best approach to empowering children with autism; and

Whereas the Ford Government's new Ontario Autism Program takes away support from families already receiving assistance and makes it impossible for those newly diagnosed to get the help they actually need; and

Whereas the Ford Government has not provided adequate support to the education system to properly support the influx of children with autism that will enter schools when the new Ontario Autism Program is implemented;

Therefore, the Legislative Assembly calls on the Government to suspend the implementation of the new Ontario Autism Program, and instead develop an autism program that will provide needs- and evidence-based autism services for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Addressed to the Premier. Filed March 20, 2019.