Debates and Progress

First Reading

November 20, 2000
Minister's Statement and Mr Levac and Mr Kormos

Second Reading

November 27, 2000
Mr Sampson, Mr Clark, Mr Mazzilli, Mr Bartolucci, Mr Kormos, Mr McMeekin, Mr Wettlaufer, Mr Levac, Mr Hoy, Ms Di Cocco
November 28, 2000
Mr Bisson, Mr Tilson, Mr Agostino, Mr Sampson, Mr Gravelle, Mr Tascona, Mr Dunlop, Mrs Dombrowsky, Mr O'Toole, Mr Gilchrist, Mr Runciman
November 29, 2000
Mr Gerretsen, Mr Kormos, Mr Sampson Mr Caplan, Mr Curling, Mr Galt, Mr Lalonde, Mr Dunlop, Mr Peters, Mr Murdoch, Mr Conway, Mr Hampton

December 4, 2000 Time Allocation
Mr Sampson, Mr Gill, Mr Levac, Mr Kormos, Ms Ecker, Mr Cordiano, Mr Christopherson, Mr Clark, Ms Di Cocco, Mr Gerretsen, Mr Chudleigh , Mr Crozier, Mr McMeekin, Mr Stewart, Mr O'Toole, Mr Galt

December 4, 2000 Disclosure of confidential information
Mr Kormos, Mr Galt, Ms Churley, Mr Conway, Mr Gerretsen, Mr Levac, Mr Duncan, Ms Di Cocco

December 12, 2000
Carried on division and ordered for Third Reading.


No Committee

Third Reading

December 18, 2000
Mr Clark, Mr Levac, Mr Crozier, Mr O'Toole, Mr Gerretsen, Mr Kormos, Mr Dunlop
December 19, 2000
Carried on division.

Royal Assent: 21/12/2000

Coming into force:Proclamation details