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Wednesday 13 September 2017 Mercredi 13 septembre 2017

Subcommittee membership


The committee met at 1602 in committee room 2.

Subcommittee membership

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): Hi, everyone.

Mr. Lou Rinaldi: Use that gavel.

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): You like doing that.

The Standing Committee on General Government is now called to order. We have one order of business: the appointment of the subcommittee on committee business. We have the appointment of a subcommittee member.

Welcome back, everyone, by the way. Let the fun begin.


The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): Hi, guys. How is it going?

Ms. Lisa M. Thompson: Good.

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): All right.

Mr. John Fraser: Chair, I have a motion.

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): I move that Mr. Fraser—

Ms. Lisa M. Thompson: “Recognize.”

Mr. John Fraser: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

I move that the following change be made to the membership of the subcommittee on committee business: Mr. Rinaldi replaces Mr. Colle.

Mr. Mike Colle: No.


Mr. Mike Colle: “Please,” I should say.

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): Any discussions or comments?

Ms. Lisa M. Thompson: Well, Mike said no. Let’s hear this.

Mr. Mike Colle: God bless.

Mr. Lou Rinaldi: I need to go consult first.


The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): Okay. If none, I will now put the question. Shall the motion carry? All those in favour of the motion, please raise your hands. All those opposed, please raise your hands. The motion is accordingly carried.

Ms. Daiene Vernile: Yay!

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): Hear, hear.

Mr. Lou Rinaldi: I have a one-hour speech prepared.

Mr. John Fraser: Why so short?

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Granville Anderson): If there is no further business, I move adjournment of this committee.

The committee adjourned at 1604.


Chair / Président

Mr. Grant Crack (Glengarry–Prescott–Russell L)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Granville Anderson (Durham L)

Mr. Granville Anderson (Durham L)

Mr. Yvan Baker (Etobicoke Centre / Etobicoke-Centre L)

Mr. Grant Crack (Glengarry–Prescott–Russell L)

Mr. John Fraser (Ottawa South L)

Mrs. Lisa Gretzky (Windsor West / Windsor-Ouest ND)

Mrs. Julia Munro (York–Simcoe PC)

Mr. Lou Rinaldi (Northumberland–Quinte West L)

Ms. Lisa M. Thompson (Huron–Bruce PC)

Ms. Soo Wong (Scarborough–Agincourt L)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants

Ms. Teresa J. Armstrong (London–Fanshawe ND)

Mr. Mike Colle (Eglinton–Lawrence L)

Ms. Daiene Vernile (Kitchener Centre / Kitchener-Centre L)

Clerk / Greffière

Ms. Sylwia Przezdziecki

Staff / Personnel

Mr. Michael Vidoni, research officer,
Research Services