Motion émanant du gouvernement 8

42e législature, 1re session

Motion proposée par Todd Smith le

That, pursuant to Standing Order 47 and notwithstanding any other Standing Order or Special Order of the House, when the Order of the Day is called resuming the adjourned debate on Government Order Number 6, the Speaker shall put every question necessary to dispose of the motion and any amendments thereto which questions shall be decided without further amendment or debate; and That, notwithstanding Standing Order 9(c) or 28(h), there shall be no deferral of any vote; and That, in the case of any division on the amendment to the motion and the motion, the division bell shall be limited to 5 minutes.

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Amendement proposé par John Vanthof le et rejeté avec dissidence le

That the motion be amended as follows: In the first paragraph the words “there shall be one hour of additional debate with 30 minutes apportioned to the Government, 20 minutes to the Official Opposition, seven minutes to the independent Liberal Party members and three minutes to the independent Green Party member. At the end of this time,” shall be inserted following the number “6”; and In the second paragraph delete the words “9(c) or”.

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