Motion émanant du gouvernement 7

42e législature, 1re session

Motion proposée par Victor Fedeli le

That a Select Committee on Financial Transparency be appointed to consider and report to the House its observations and recommendations with respect to the report submitted by the Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry; and That the Committee investigate and report on the accounting practices, decision making and policy objectives of the previous government or any other aspect of the report that the Committee deems relevant; and That the Committee have the power to send for persons, papers and things; and That the Committee be composed of six members of the party forming the government, three members of the Official Opposition, and that the Chair and Vice-Chair shall be members of the party forming the government; and That the Committee be authorized to meet at the call of the Chair; and That the Committee be given priority to use the Amethyst Room for its meetings; and That the Committee shall present, or if the House is not meeting, release by depositing with the Clerk of the Assembly, its interim report by November 1, 2018 and its final report by December 13, 2018 or on a date to be determined by the Committee.

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Amendement proposé par Gilles Bisson le et rejeté avec dissidence le

That the motion be amended as follows: In the second paragraph insert the words “and the current government to date” following the word “government”; and In the third paragraph insert the words “…, and each member of the Committee shall be authorized to independently call witnesses before the Committee” following the word “things”.

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