Motion émanant du gouvernement 3

42e législature, 1re session

Motion proposée par Todd Smith le

That, pursuant to Standing Order 108, the following Standing Committees be appointed for the duration of the 42nd Parliament and that the membership of these Committees be as follows: Standing Committee on Estimates: Mr. Gates; Mr. Tabuns; Ms. Stiles; Mr. Lecce; Mrs. Martow; Mr. Pettapiece; Ms. Park; Ms. Dunlop; Ms. McKenna; Mr. Cho (Willowdale); Mr. Fraser. Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs: Mr. Crawford; Mr. Roberts; Mr. Downey; Ms. Skelly; Mr. Piccini; Mr. Cho (Willowdale); Mr. Arthur; Mr. Mamakwa; Ms. Shaw. Standing Committee on General Government: Mr. Smith (Peterborough––Kawartha); Ms. Kusendova; Mr. Sandhu; Mr. Coe; Mr. Kanapathi; Ms. Hogarth; Mr. Kramp; Ms. Bell; Mr. Glover; Mrs. Stevens; Mr. Schreiner. Standing Committee on Government Agencies: Mr. Cuzzetto; Mr. Ke; Mr. Nicholls; Mr. Baber; Ms. Khanijn; Mrs. Fee; Mr. Roberts; Mr. Vanthof; Mr. Natyshak; Ms. Andrew; Mme Lalonde. Standing Committee on Justice Policy: Mr. Gill; Mr. Babikian; Ms. Park; Mr. Sarkaria; Mr. Romano; Mr. Baber; Ms. Dunlop; Ms. Singh (Brampton Centre); Miss Taylor; Mr. Yarde; Mme Des Rosiers. Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly: Ms. Mitas; Ms. McKenna; Mr. Bailey; Ms. Simard; Mr. Thanigasalam; Mr. Oosterhoff; Ms. Berns-McGown; Mr. Hassan; Mr. Singh (Brampton East). Standing Committee on Public Accounts: Mr. Miller (Parry Sound—Muskoka); Ms. Surma; Mr. McDonell; Mr. Parsa; Mrs. Wai; Ms. Ghamari; Ms. Fife; Ms. Sattler; Ms. Morrison. Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills: Mr. Bouma; Mr. Rasheed; Mr. Hillier; Mr. Pang; Mr. Barrett; Mr. Harris; Mr. Miller (Hamilton East—Stoney Creek); Ms. Lindo; Mr. West. Standing Committee on Social Policy: Mrs. Tangri; Mr. Anand; Ms. Triantafilopoulos; Mrs. Karahalios; Mrs. Martin; Mrs. Fee; Mr. Baber; Ms. Begum; Mr. Burch; Mr. Harden; Mr. Gravelle.

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Amendement proposé par Stephen Lecce le et adoptée le

On the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Coteau and Mr. Harris be added. On the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills, Ms. Hunter and Mr. Sandhu be added. On the Standing Committee on Estimates, Ms. Stiles be replaced by Ms. Monteith-Farrell; and On the Standing Committee on Government Agencies, Ms. Andrew be replaced by Ms. Stiles.

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