Monday 13 December 1993



*Chair / Président: Beer, Charles (York North/-Nord L)

*Vice-Chair / Vice-Président: Eddy, Ron (Brant-Haldimand L)

*Carter, Jenny (Peterborough ND)

Cunningham, Dianne (London North/-Nord PC)

Hope, Randy R. (Chatham-Kent ND)

Martin, Tony (Sault Ste Marie ND)

McGuinty, Dalton (Ottawa South/-Sud L)

*O'Connor, Larry (Durham-York ND)

*O'Neill, Yvonne (Ottawa-Rideau L)

Owens, Stephen (Scarborough Centre ND)

Rizzo, Tony (Oakwood ND)

*Wilson, Jim (Simcoe West/-Ouest PC)

*In attendance / présents

Clerk / Greffier: Arnott, Doug

Staff / Personnel: Gardner, Dr Bob, assistant director, Legislative Research Service

The committee met at 1544 in room 151.


The Chair (Mr Charles Beer): Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The standing committee on social development is meeting for the purpose of organization. There are two matters that we need to deal with.

We will be having a bill, probably Bill 119, the tobacco bill -- I always forget the numbers but I think that's the appropriate number; it is -- An Act to prevent the Provision of Tobacco to Young Persons and to Regulate its Sale and Use by Others.

That hasn't been officially sent to us but I think it's safe to say it will be. I'd like to get a motion that would allow the subcommittee to take the necessary organizational steps.

Mr Jim Wilson (Simcoe West): I move that the social development committee authorize the Chair, in consultation with the subcommittee on committee business and, when time permits, with the committee, to make all arrangements necessary for committee hearings on any legislation and/or subject matters that are or may be referred to the committee for consideration during the winter recess. I will submit that to the clerk in writing.

The Chair: Thank you. Any discussion? All those in favour? Carried.

The second item where I need the committee's approval is that the subcommittee will work out our time schedule and so on, but we do need to approve an advertising budget in the event that we need it. The advertising expenses, assuming that we were doing the normal across the province, and I assume we would be in this case, is approximately $20,000. I seek the committee's approval for that expenditure, subject to the subcommittee so directing.

Mrs Yvonne O'Neill (Ottawa-Rideau): I so move, Mr Chair.

The Chair: Thank you, Mrs O'Neill. All those in favour? Opposed? Carried.

I believe that is all of the business that we need to deal with, if I could just meet with the subcommittee briefly. The standing committee stands adjourned until the call of the Chair.

The committee adjourned at 1546.