Wednesday 11 October 2000

1274187 Ontario Limited Act, 2000, Bill Pr25, MrYoung
Mr Douglas Hancock
Mr Pino Tarabelli

City of Toronto Act (Traffic Calming), 2000, Bill Pr2, Ms Mushinski
Ms Mary Ellen Bench


Chair / Présidente
Ms Frances Lankin (Beaches-East York ND)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr Garfield Dunlop (Simcoe North / -Nord PC)

Mr Gilles Bisson (Timmins-James Bay / -Timmins-Baie James ND)
Mrs Claudette Boyer (Ottawa-Vanier L)
Mr Brian Coburn (Carleton-Gloucester PC)
Mr Garfield Dunlop (Simcoe North / -Nord PC)
Mr Raminder Gill (Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale PC)
Mr Pat Hoy (Chatham-Kent Essex L)
Ms Frances Lankin (Beaches-East York ND)
Mr Bill Murdoch (Bruce-Grey PC)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants

Mr Bert Johnson (Perth-Middlesex PC)

Clerk / Greffier

Mr Doug Arnott

Staff / Personnel

Ms Laura Hopkins, legislative counsel

The committee met at 1002 in committee room 1.


Consideration of Bill Pr25, An Act to revive 1274187 Ontario Limited.

The Chair (Ms Frances Lankin): If we could call the meeting to order. I was looking for the sponsor of the first bill and he has just arrived, so that's great.

The first item of business for us to deal with is Bill Pr25, An Act to revive 1274187 Ontario Limited. The sponsor is MPP David Young. The applicant is Pino Tarabelli, the president, and Douglas H. Hancock is the counsel. Mr Young, would you like to introduce the applicants who are here.

Mr David Young (Willowdale): Absolutely. The individuals you've just mentioned are seated beside me and I think are in a position to explain the circumstances surrounding the need for this bill. If I may say by way of introduction, the genesis of it is really very much an oversight of a representative of a predecessor company. Perhaps the best thing to do, with your permission, would be to turn it over to the deponents and they can speak to the reason that this bill is required.

The Chair: Gentlemen, would you identify yourselves for the purpose of Hansard.

Mr Douglas Hancock: Good morning. My name is Douglas Hancock. I'm a solicitor.

Mr Pino Tarabelli: I'm Pino Tarabelli, who submitted the bill.

Mr Hancock: By way of background, Mr Tarabelli and two partners carry on business in a company called Azimuth Three Enterprises. A few years ago we, in conjunction with some tax claim with their accountants, incorporated three companies and each shareholder held their shares through a numbered company. At the time, Mr Tarabelli was away on holiday, so I incorporated the company in my name and subsequently transferred the company over to Mr Tarabelli when he came back.

About a year later, in filing a tax return, the tax return indicated that Mr Tarabelli was the sole director. However, a form 1, a notice of change, had not been filed with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. A demand was sent out to the company to file a form 1 and a follow-up demand was made, which, through inadvertence, was never in fact filed. As a result, the corporation was dissolved for cause, which creates difficulty in terms of the whole issue of revival.

The company has assets. It has been used in the tax planning. It holds shares in the operating company. It also holds shares in the company that owns the real estate. It was entirely through inadvertence that the form 1 wasn't filed, and hence the bill today.

The Chair: Are there any further comments that you wish to put on the record? OK. I'm going to ask the parliamentary assistant if the ministry has any comments to make.

Mr Brian Coburn (Ottawa-Orléans): No, Madam Chair. To our knowledge there's been no opposition and no objections.

The Chair: Committee members, do you have any questions? Any comments on the bill? Are you ready to vote, then? A very docile crowd today.

We're ready to vote on Bill Pr25, An Act to revive 1274187 Ontario Limited, sponsored by Mr Young, MPP. There are no amendments to be placed.

Shall sections 1 through 3 carry? Carried.

Shall the preamble carry? Carried.

Shall the title carry? Carried.

Shall the bill carry? Carried.

Shall I report the bill to the House? OK.

Thank you, gentlemen. It seems quite perfunctory, but we appreciate your coming, and your presence on this is very helpful.


Consideration of Bill Pr2, An Act respecting the City of Toronto.

The Chair: The next item before us is Bill Pr2, An Act respecting the City of Toronto, traffic calming. The sponsor is Marilyn Mushinski, MPP. I would indicate to committee members that the following two bills, Pr11 and Pr12, are also acts respecting the city of Toronto dealing with assessment issues, also sponsored by MPP Mushinski. Ms Mushinski is not present today. Is the committee content to continue without the sponsor being present at this point in time? OK.

On behalf of the applicant we have Mary Ellen Bench, counsel from the city of Toronto. Ms Bench, if you want to address the committee with respect to these matters.

Ms Mary Ellen Bench: Good morning, Madam Chair and members of committee. My name is Mary Ellen Bench. I'm director of municipal law at the city of Toronto. We have three bills before you today. I would ask the committee's indulgence, if we could defer these matters to be dealt with next week when there is another matter that the city of Toronto has. Two of the issues today relate to assessment matters and are similar to the one that is being discussed next week. One of the issues is a traffic calming issue. On the traffic calming matter there was an amendment worked out late yesterday that I think needs proper consideration by ministry staff.

Unfortunately, this is the first application that the new city of Toronto had, and we'll need to speak to our sponsor a little bit better before we're ready to proceed. With notice coming out last week in the middle of our council meeting, things have gotten a little muddled, I think.

The Chair: Would you say that council is preoccupied with something else right now? A little traffic calming in the council chambers might be helpful.

Ms Bench: If I could request, next week we will definitely be prepared to proceed with all of these matters.

The Chair: We'll indicate to you that there is one item scheduled to proceed next week already, in addition to the fourth item from the city of Toronto. I have no anticipation of any problem, but you never know with any given bill whether it may take more time or less time. Just so you know, you may come and find that the committee will deal with some and perhaps not all. We do our best to get through the agenda.

Ms Bench: Yes. I understand that.

The Chair: You're aware of that.

Are there any concerns from the parliamentary assistant about deferring the item?

Mr Coburn: None. I think it's a good idea at this stage.

The Chair: Any concerns from committee members?

Mrs Claudette Boyer (Ottawa-Vanier): This is only dealing with one more person, right?

The Chair: No. This would deal with three items from the city of Toronto. To be clear, those are bills Pr2, Pr11 and Pr12.

Mrs Boyer: OK. No problem.

The Chair: Could I have a motion from a committee member to defer those three items to a later agenda?

Mr Garfield Dunlop (Simcoe North): So moved.

The Chair: A seconder? Seconded, Mr Gill. Thank you. Any debate?

All those in favour, please indicate. Those opposed? That's carried.

Thank you, Ms Bench. We appreciate your coming today.

Any other business that members have to put on the agenda? Seeing none, can I have a motion to adjourn? Mr Gill, thank you. All those in favour? Thank you. The meeting is adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 1010.