Thursday 29 April 1993

Election of Chair

Election of Vice-Chair

Appointment of subcommittee

Committee budget

Committee business


*Chair / Président: Brown, Michael A. (Algoma-Manitoulin L)

*Vice-Chair / Vice-Président: Daigeler, Hans (Nepean L)

*Arnott, Ted (Wellington PC)

*Dadamo, George (Windsor-Sandwich ND)

Fletcher, Derek (Guelph ND)

Johnson, Dave (Don Mills PC)

*Mammoliti, George (Yorkview ND)

*Morrow, Mark (Wentworth East/-Est ND)

Sola, John (Mississauga East/-Est L)

Sorbara, Gregory S. (York Centre L)

*Wessenger, Paul (Simcoe Centre ND)

White, Drummond (Durham Centre ND)

*In attendance / présents

Substitutions present/ Membres remplaçants présents:

Curling, Alvin (Scarborough North/-Nord L) for Mr Sola

Clerk / Greffier: Carrozza, Franco

Staff / Personnel: Luski, Lorraine, research officer, Legislative Research Service

The committee met at 1003 in room 151.


Clerk of the Committee (Mr Franco Carrozza): Good morning. My name is Franco Carrozza. I am your clerk and I shall be conducting the election of the Chair. We have a quorum, both in numbers and in parties. I will open the floor for nominations.

Mr Hans Daigeler (Nepean): I nominate Mr Brown.

Mr George Mammoliti (Yorkview): I second that.

Clerk of the Committee: It's not required, but thank you. Are there any other nominations?

Mr Derek Fletcher (Guelph): I move that nominations be closed.

Clerk of the Committee: There being no other nominations, I shall ask Mr Brown to take the Chair as elected Chairman of the committee.

Mr Daigeler: It was a lot easier than at the other committee, eh?

Mr Mark Morrow (Wentworth East): Congratulations, Mike.

The Chair (Mr Michael A. Brown): Thank you.

Mr George Dadamo (Windsor-Sandwich): Do good.

Interjection: That was a tough election.

The Chair: I need more elections of that great difficulty.

I'd like to welcome all the members. Some of the faces are fairly familiar on this committee over the past couple of years. We have some new faces and I welcome them.


The Chair: The first thing I should be doing is the election of the Vice-Chair. Do I have nominations for the position of Vice-Chair?

Mr Ted Arnott (Wellington): I wish to nominate Mr Daigeler for the position of Vice-Chair.

The Chair: Mr Daigeler has been nominated for the position of Vice-Chair. Are there further nominations? Seeing none, congratulations, Mr Daigeler.

Mr Daigeler: Thank you.


The Chair: The next thing we need is a motion to establish a subcommittee of this committee for conducting committee business.

Mr Morrow: I'll give you that motion.

The Chair: All right. Let's hear the motion.

Mr Morrow: I would like to put a motion forward to establish a subcommittee of general government.

The Chair: We need the names of the people from each party who would be --

Mr Morrow: You didn't tell me that. I mean, come on. You just asked for a motion to establish a subcommittee.

The Chair: Perhaps we could help. The whips of each party would be whom? Mr Mammoliti? Mr Daigeler?

Mr Daigeler: Can we say the whips rather than any particular person?

Clerk of the Committee: They can always be substituted.

The Chair: Why don't we put down your name for the time being and we'll sort out who that might be, because substitutions are permitted.

Mr Daigeler: Seeing that we've had a change in the whip last night.

Clerk of the Committee: And Mr Arnott?

The Chair: And Mr Arnott.

Clerk of the Committee: And the Chair.

The Chair: And myself.

Would you like to read the proper motion that Mr Morrow made?

Clerk of the Committee: Mr Morrow moved that Mr Mammoliti, Mr Daigeler, Mr Arnott and Mr Brown do compose the business subcommittee; that the said business subcommittee meet from time to time at the call of the Chair to consider and report to the committee on the business of the committee; that substitution be permitted on the business subcommittee; and that the presence of all members of the business subcommittee is necessary to constitute a meeting.

The Chair: Is the motion carried? Carried.

The next item of business is to establish a subcommittee on committee business to consider matters that might be designated by standing order 125. There is a difference here, of course, because the subcommittee report does come to the committee.

Mr Daigeler: I move that the previous subcommittee serve as this subcommittee.

Clerk of the Committee: The same individuals? That's fine.

The Chair: That's fine. Would that motion carry? Carried.


The Chair: Could I have a motion to direct the clerk to prepare a budget for this committee?

Mr Paul Wessenger (Simcoe Centre): I'll move that.

Mr Daigeler: Within the overall fiscal policies.

Clerk of the Committee: Yes.

The Chair: Thank you, Mr Daigeler. Shall Mr Wessenger's motion carry? Carried.


The Chair: With that, I would inform the committee there is only one piece of business before the committee at this time, and that is the disposition of standing order 125 with regard to cross-border shopping. I guess that will be the subject of the subcommittee on 125s, to determine how that shall proceed. I shall call a meeting at a later date to determine that.

We have before us at the present time no government business.

Mr Arnott: Mr Chairman, can I just ask a question? Which party suggested that cross-border shopping designation?

Clerk of the Committee: It's right on your package. It's the last item in the package.

The Chair: Just to be helpful. It was Mrs O'Neill from the Liberal Party.

Mr Arnott: Thank you.

The Chair: Is there anything further? If not, the committee will be adjourned to the call of the Chair.

The committee adjourned at 1008.