E030 - Wed 21 Feb 2018 / Mer 21 fév 2018



Wednesday 21 February 2018 Mercredi 21 février 2018

Election of Chair

Election of Vice-Chair

Appointment of subcommittee


The committee met at 1602 in committee room 1.

Election of Chair

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Tonia Grannum): Good afternoon, honourable members. It is my duty to call upon you to elect a Chair. Pursuant to standing order 117(b), the Chair of the Standing Committee on Estimates shall be a member of a recognized party in opposition to the government.

Are there any nominations for Chair?

Ms. Catherine Fife: I would like to nominate Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma–Manitoulin.

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Tonia Grannum): Mr. Mantha, do you accept the nomination?

Mr. Michael Mantha: I do.

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Tonia Grannum): Okay. Are there any further nominations?

There being no further nominations, I declare the nominations closed and Mr. Mantha duly elected as Chair. Please assume the Chair.

Election of Vice-Chair

The Chair (Mr. Michael Mantha): All right. Now we have a motion to elect the Vice-Chair. Mr. Harris.

Mr. Michael Harris: I have a motion for the election of Vice-Chair. I move that Ms. Fife be appointed Vice-Chair of the committee.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Mantha): Ms. Fife, do you accept the nomination?

Ms. Catherine Fife: Yes, I do.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Mantha): Do we have any further nominations? All those in favour? Opposed? Carried.

Ms. Fife, congratulations. You’re Vice-Chair.

Ms. Catherine Fife: Thanks.

Appointment of subcommittee

The Chair (Mr. Michael Mantha): We need a motion with regard to the subcommittee appointment. Mr. Delaney.

Mr. Bob Delaney: I move that a subcommittee on committee business be appointed to meet from time to time at the call of the Chair, or at the request of any member thereof, to consider and report to the committee on the business of the committee;

That the presence of all members of the subcommittee is necessary to constitute a meeting; and

That the subcommittee be composed of the following members: the Chair as Chair, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Harris and Ms. Fife; and

That substitutions be permitted on the subcommittee.

The Chair (Mr. Michael Mantha): Any discussions or comments? Shall the motion carry? Carried.

There is no further business. This committee stands adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 1604.


Chair / Président

Mr. Michael Mantha (Algoma–Manitoulin ND)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Présidente

Ms. Catherine Fife (Kitchener–Waterloo ND)

Mr. Granville Anderson (Durham L)

Mr. James J. Bradley (St. Catharines L)

Mr. Bob Delaney (Mississauga–Streetsville L)

Ms. Catherine Fife (Kitchener–Waterloo ND)

Mr. Michael Harris (Kitchener–Conestoga PC)

Mr. Monte Kwinter (York Centre / York-Centre L)

Mr. Michael Mantha (Algoma–Manitoulin ND)

Mr. Mario Sergio (York West / York-Ouest L)

Mr. Todd Smith (Prince Edward–Hastings PC)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants

Mr. Mike Colle (Eglinton–Lawrence L)

Mr. John Fraser (Ottawa South L)

Clerk / Greffière

Ms. Tonia Grannum

Staff / Personnel

Mr. Ian Morris, research officer,
Research Services