39e législature, 1re session

No. 72

No 72


Votes and Proceedings


Legislative Assembly
of Ontario

Assemblée législative
de l'Ontario


October 8, 2008

Sessional Day 80


8 octobre 2008

Jour de session 80

1st Session,
39th Parliament

1re session
39e législature




9:00 A.M.

9 H



A debate arose on the motion for Second Reading of Bill 103, An Act to amend the Child and Family Services Act and to make amendments to other Acts.

Il s'élève un débat sur la motion portant deuxième lecture du projet de loi 103, Loi modifiant la Loi sur les services à l'enfance et à la famille et apportant des modifications à d'autres lois.

After some time, pursuant to Standing Order 9(c), the motion for the adjournment of the debate was deemed to have been made and carried.

Après quelque temps, conformément à l'article 9 c) du Règlement, la motion d'ajournement du débat est réputée avoir été proposée et adoptée.


10:45 A.M.

10 H 45



Pursuant to Standing Order 36, the Speaker introduced visitors.

Conformément à l'article 36, le Président présente les visiteurs.




Pursuant to Standing Order 37, the House proceeded to Oral Questions.

Conformément à l'article 37, la Chambre passe aux questions orales.




Petition relating to Pope John Paul II Day (Sessional Paper No. P-22) Mr. Klees.

Petition relating to asking the Federal Government to reform the Employment Insurance program (Sessional Paper No. P-57) Mr. Colle.

Petition relating to requesting an amendment to the Children's Law Reform Act (Sessional Paper No. P-95) Mr. Brownell.

Petition relating to giving priority to restoring a government-funded outpatient therapy program in Cambridge, Ontario for stroke survivors (Sessional Paper No. P-121) Mr. Martiniuk.

Petition relating to combining all hospitals in Durham Region under one Durham Region administration (Sessional Paper No. P-122) Mr. Dickson.

Petition relating to redistributing provincial gasoline tax revenues fairly to all communities across the province (Sessional Paper No. P-130) MS. Scott.

Petition relating to requesting fairness for Ontarians to the Federal Government (Sessional Paper No. P-138) Mr. Ruprecht.

Petition relating to the practice and arrangement of retailing beer (Sessional Paper No. P-146) Mr. Chudleigh and Mr. Murdoch.


Pursuant to Standing Order 9(a), the Speaker recessed the House at 12:05 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Conformément à l'article 9 a), le Président ordonne une pause à l'Assemblée à 12 h 05 jusqu'à 15 h.


3:00 P.M.

15 H



Pursuant to Standing Order 31, Members made statements.

Conformément à l'article 31, des députés font des déclarations.




Mr. Prue from the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills presented the Committee's Report which was read as follows and adopted:

M. Prue du Comité permanent des règlements et des projets de loi d'intérêt privé présente le rapport du comité qui est lu comme suit et adopté:-

Your Committee begs to report the following Bill without amendment:-

Votre comité propose qu'il soit permis de faire rapport sur le projet de loi suivant sans amendement:-

Bill Pr14, An Act to revive 1068080 Ontario Limited.




Mr. McGuinty moved,

M. McGuinty propose,

That the Legislative Assembly of Ontario acknowledges our province faces economic challenges created by the high dollar, high international oil prices, the US economic slowdown, international economic turmoil, and increased global manufacturing competition from China and India especially;

That just as Ontario families do when finances get tight at home, the Ontario government should make adjustments as necessary to its finances while protecting our shared priorities, such as health care, education, the environment and public safety;

That the investments made over the last five years in vital public services and Ontarians' key priorities like skills training, infrastructure, education, and health care will help Ontario weather the economic challenges in the short term and emerge stronger than ever;

And affirms our strongest possible support for Ontario workers, and families, and for a healthy, growing economy by continuing to implement the five-point economic plan that includes: investing in the skills of our people, making targeted tax cuts, investing in research and innovation, investing in infrastructure, and partnering with businesses, while also expanding trade ties within Canada and internationally and seeking fairness from the federal government for Ontarians.

After some time, Mr. Runciman moved:-

Après quelque temps, M. Runciman propose:-

That the motion be amended as follows:-

Striking out all of the text after "That the Legislative Assembly of Ontario acknowledges" and replacing it with the following:

That, instead of seeking legislative approval to run a deficit and/or raise taxes, the government of Ontario take real action to address the province's economic crisis;

That the taxpayers of Ontario deserve an immediate and comprehensive financial statement that fully opens up the public books, revealing the true state of everything from government revenues to reserve funds, what savings the government has found, and how it plans to handle any financial shortfalls;

That people who have lost their jobs or are worried about their futures deserve a comprehensive and realistic economic action plan designed to save existing jobs, attract new jobs and investment, and help the unemployed find new work here in Ontario;

That businesses struggling to stay afloat deserve competitive taxes, less red tape, sensible apprenticeship ratios, and a genuine customer service approach that welcomes new investment;

That families working to make ends meet deserve to see their government do what they are doing in tough times – discipline their spending and look for value for money – and that this should be reflected in sensible public sector restraint on hiring and wage increases, especially at the top;

That all Ontarians deserve to see their government provide leadership in this crisis, partnership with other levels of government, and accountability for the areas where it has control; and

That, putting partisan politics aside, all parties in the Ontario legislature should work cooperatively to implement these steps and others that will protect people's jobs and investments, restore Ontario's competitiveness, and put our province back on the path to prosperity.

The debate continued and, after some time,
Mr. Prue

Le débat se poursuit et après quelque temps, M. Prue propose:-

That the amendment to the motion be amended by adding the following:-

That the government needs to immediately respond to current economic instability, the 230,000 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector, and the 40,000 direct and indirect jobs lost in the forest products industry by implementing a strategy that includes:

– An industrial hydro rate so that Ontario's manufacturing and resource companies can count on stable, competitive hydro policies at a time when many competing jurisdictions have far lower industrial rates.

– A Jobs Protection Commissioner to help at-risk companies overcome financial difficulties – and save jobs.

– A Buy Ontario policy that would ensure that streetcars, subways, and buses continue to be made right here in Ontario resulting in the protection of thousands of good-paying jobs.

– Tougher plant closure legislation that would ensure that everything is done to prevent a profitable plant or mill from closing and enhanced, mandated severance.

– Expansion of severance eligibility and an increase in advance notice in mass layoff situations.

– Pension and wage protection that would make sure that workers get every penny they are owed from their employer when their company becomes insolvent or goes into bankruptcy.

– And finally, a refundable manufacturing and resource investment tax credit that would provide a real incentive for manufacturers and processors to invest in the building, equipment and machinery that leads to high paying, good quality jobs.

After some time, pursuant to Standing Order 9(a), the motion for the adjournment of the debate was deemed to have been made and carried.

Après quelque temps, conformément à l'article 9 a) du Règlement, la motion d'ajournement du débat est réputée avoir été proposée et adoptée.


The Deputy Speaker informed the House that, in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, His Honour the Administrator had been pleased to assent to the following bills in his office on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

Le Vice-Président avise l'Assemblée qu'au nom de Sa Majesté la Reine, Son Honneur l'administrateur a eu le plaisir de sanctionner les projets de loi suivants dans son cabinet le mercredi 8 octobre 2008.

Bill 77, An Act to provide services to persons with developmental disabilities, to repeal the Developmental Services Act and to amend certain other statutes.

Projet de loi 77, Loi visant à prévoir des services pour les personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle, à abroger la Loi sur les services aux personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle et à modifier d'autres lois.

Bill 90, An Act to enact the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act, 2008, to repeal the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act and to make related amendments to other Acts.

Projet de loi 90, Loi édictant la Loi de 2008 sur la négociation collective dans les collèges, abrogeant la Loi sur la négociation collective dans les collèges et apportant des modifications connexes à d'autres lois.


The House then adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

À 17 h 45, la chambre a ensuite ajourné ses travaux.


le président

Steve  Peters