38e législature, 1re session

No. 93

No 93

Votes and Proceedings


Legislative Assembly
of Ontario

Assemblée législative
de l'Ontario

November 29, 2004

Daytime Meeting - Sessional Day 138

29 novembre 2004

Séance de l'après-midi - jour de session 138

1st Session,
38th Parliament

1re session
38e législature

1:30 P.M.

13 H 30



Petition relating to a landfill at site 41 (Sessional Paper No. P-27) Mr. Dunlop.

Petition relating to facilitating the entry of skilled and professional newcomers to Canada into the workforce (Sessional Paper No. P-37) Mr. Qaadri.

Petition relating to enacting legislation to de-insure induced abortion (Sessional Paper No. P-50) Mr. Hardeman.

Petition relating to not eliminating or reducing the provincial drug benefits provided to seniors (Sessional Paper No. P-54) Mr. O'Toole.

Petition relating to providing better access to GO train service on the Milton Line for residents of western Mississauga (Sessional Paper No. P-93) Mr. Delaney.

Petition relating to OHIP coverage of chiropractic services (Sessional Paper No. P-119) Mr. Martiniuk.

Petition relating to water testing in the riding of Simcoe-North and delaying implementation of regulation 170/03 (Sessional Paper No. P-159) Mr. Hardeman.

Petition relating to clarifying that eye examination services will continue to be covered by OHIP and they are not dependant on referrals by family physicians (Sessional Paper No. P-167) Mr. Jackson.

Petition relating to funding for the children's treatment center in Simcoe County and York Region (Sessional Paper No. P-179) Mr. Dunlop.

Petitions relating to passing Bill 3, An Act to Protect Anaphylactic Students (Sessional Paper No. P-180) Mr. Delaney and Mr. Levac.

Petition relating to placing restrictions on the eligibility of persons who act as volunteers in schools (Sessional Paper No. P-183) Mr. Flaherty.

Petition relating to funding formula used by the Ministry of Health for Four Counties Health Services in Newbury (Sessional Paper No. P-203) Mrs. Van Bommel.



A debate arose on the motion for Second Reading of Bill 149, An Act to implement 2004 Budget measures, enact the Northern Ontario Grow Bonds Corporation Act, 2004 and amend various Acts.

Il s'élève un débat sur la motion portant deuxième lecture du projet de loi 149, Loi mettant en oeuvre certaines mesures énoncées dans le Budget de 2004, édictant la Loi de 2004 sur la Société d'émission d'obligations de développement du Nord de l'Ontario et modifiant diverses lois.

After some time, pursuant to Standing Order 9, the motion for adjournment of the debate was deemed to have been made and carried.

Après quelque temps, conformément à l'article 9 du Règlement, la motion d'ajournement du débat est réputée avoir été proposée et adoptée.

The House then adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

À 18 h, la chambre a ensuite ajourné ses travaux.

le président

Alvin Curling