Debates and Progress

First Reading

November 5, 2001
Minister's Statement, and Mr McGuinty, Mr Hampton

Second Reading

November 8, 2001
Mr Jackson, Mr DeFaria, Mr Barrett, Mr Colle, Mr Martin, Ms Mushinski, Mrs Bountrogianni, Mr Parsons
November 19, 2001
Mr Parsons, Mr Martin, Mr Jackson, Mr Sergio, Mr Clark, Ms Di Cocco, Mr Bisson, Mr Baird, Mr Mazzilli, Mr Bradley, Mr O'Toole, Mr Levac, Mr Gerretsen, Mr Crozier, Mr Klees
November 20, 2001
Mrs Munro, Mr Agostino, Mr Marchese, Mr Maves, Mr Gravelle, Mr Peters, Mr Jackson, Mr Bartolucci, Mr Bradley, Mr Cleary, Mr Christopherson, Mr Patten, Mr O'Toole, Mr Martin, Mrs Molinari, Mrs McLeod, Mr Dunlop, Mrs Dombrowsky
November 21, 2001
Time allocation motion
Mr Jackson, Mr Smitherman, Mrs Cunningham, Mr Hoy, Mr Martin, Mr Martiniuk, Mr Kennedy, Ms Martel, Mr Parsons, Mr Peters, Mr Hampton, Mr Duncan, Mr Caplan
carried on division
November 26, 2001
carried on division


Finance & Economic Affairs
November 29, 2001
November 30, 2001
December 3, 2001
December 4, 2001
December 5, 2001
December 6, 2001
December 7, 2001
December 11, 2001
December 12, 2001 Reported to the House as amended.

Third Reading

December 13, 2001
Mr Jackson, Mr McMeekin, Mr Gravelle, Mr Martin, Mr Bryant, Mr Parsons
carried on division. Royal Assent: 14/12/2001

Coming into force:Proclamation details
(1) This Act comes into force on a day to be named by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor.

Selective proclamation

(2) A proclamation mentioned in subsection (1) may apply to one or more sections, to one or more subsections, clauses, paragraphs or other subdivisions of any section or subsection or to one or more items in the Schedule.