Debates and Progress

First Reading

November 23, 2000
Oral Questions: Mr Christopherson, Mr Stockwell, Ms Martel

Second Reading

December 4, 2000
Mr Stockwell
December 5, 2000
Mr Stockwell, Ms Di Cocco, Mr Christopherson Mr Maves, Mr Cleary, Mr Agostino, Mr Bradley, Mr Dunlop, Mr Conway
December 6, 2000
Mr Christopherson, Mr Beaubien, Mr McMeekin, Mr Baird, Mr Caplan, Mr Ouellette, Mr O'Toole, Mr Bradley, Mrs Elliott, Mr Peters, Mr Conway, Mr Gill
December 7, 2000
Mr Colle, Mr Kormos, Mrs Marland, Mrs Dombrowsky, Mr Gill, Mr Marchese, Mr Stockwell, Ms Mushinski, Mr Phillips, Mrs Pupatello, Mr Wood, Mr Bryant, Mr Maves, Mr Mazzilli
December 11, 2000
Time allocation Debate
Mr Stockwell, Mr Agostino, Mr Wettlaufer, Mr Crozier, Mr Levac, Mr Stewart, Mr O'Toole, Mr Christopherson, Mr Parsons, Mr Curling
December 12, 2000
Carried on division and referred to the Standing Committee on General Government.


General Government
December 13, 2000
December 14, 2000Reported to the House as amended.

Third Reading

December 19, 2000
Mr Tascona, Mr Maves, Mrs Pupatello, Mr Agostino, Mr Christopherson, Mr Bradley
December 20, 2000
Carried on division.
Royal Assent: 21/12/2000

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