What you can find in daily House documents

February 17, 2023

several bound volumes of Hansard

For each day that the House meets, there are three corresponding House documents: Orders and Notices, Votes and Proceedings, and Hansard.  

See what’s on 

The Orders and Notices provides an agenda of what business is scheduled for that day, listed under “Today’s business.” However, the House can also consider other items of business listed in the document.  

Learn what happened 

Votes and Proceedings offers a summary of the day’s events in the House. Here you’ll find records of votes that took place and other decisions and documents that were tabled.  

Find out how an MPP voted on a bill 

Recorded votes list MPP names and how they voted. Any five MPPs may request a recorded vote by standing in their places. 

If you know the specific date of a recorded vote: 

  1. Go to House documents

  2. Choose the corresponding parliamentary session. 

  3. Navigate to the date of the vote. 

  4. Select “Votes and Proceedings” to see how an MPP voted. 

If you’re not sure when a specific recorded vote occurred, you can look for the bill on our Current bills or All bills pages to find the date. 

Read everything that was said 

Hansard is a transcript of what MPPs said in the House. This is where you can find accurate quotes and context for debates.  


Learn more 

Find more legislative documents in Status of business.  

See committee documents.  

Read recent issues of House Hansard. 


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