[39] Bill 128 Original (PDF)

Bill 128 2010

An Act to increase cell phone safety in Ontario

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:


   1.  In this Act,

"radiofrequency energy" means a form of electromagnetic energy that is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum that is generated when a source current is fed to an antenna; ("énergie radiofréquence")

"specific absorption rate" means the rate at which radiofrequency energy is absorbed by a defined amount of mass of a biological body. ("débit d'absorption spécifique")

Cell phones, warning labels

   2.  No person shall sell or offer for sale a cell phone that does not bear a permanent warning label that contains the following statement:

Warning.  This device emits electromagnetic radiation.  Long term exposure may cause cancer.  Users, especially children, should keep this device away from the head and body. / Avertissement. Cet appareil émet des rayonnements électromagnétiques susceptibles de causer le cancer en cas d'exposition prolongée. Les utilisateurs, en particulier les enfants, devraient tenir cet appareil loin de leur tête et de leur corps.

Cell phone retailers, specific absorption rate signs

   3.  No person shall, in any place, sell or offer for sale a cell phone unless signs bearing the following information are posted at the place in accordance with the regulations:

    1.  The specific absorption rate of the phone.

    2.  The specific absorption rate limit for cell phones, as set out in Radio Standards Specification 102 (Industry Canada).

    3.  An explanation of the meaning of the specific absorption rate.


   4.  The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations,

  (a)  governing the size of the warning label required by section 2;

  (b)  respecting the signs to be posted under section 3.


   5.  This Act comes into force six months after the day it receives Royal Assent.

Short title

   6.  The short title of this Act is the Cell Phone Safety Act, 2010.



The Bill requires that all cell phones sold in Ontario bear a warning label.  The Bill also requires retailers of cell phones to post signs containing information about the specific absorption rate of cell phones.