Standing committees in the 43rd Parliament

November 1, 2022

empty committee room with tables in a square

Legislative standing committees are small working groups of MPPs. These committees have specific mandates, which are outlined in the committees section of the standing orders, and they may also consider matters that are referred from the House. Committees can consider business such as:

  • proposed legislation
  • estimates
  • studies
  • reviewing government policies and spending

Committees report their findings and recommendations back to the House.

Committees often hold public hearings, which provide opportunities for the public to express their opinions through presentations or written submissions.

Standing committees exist for the duration of a Parliament. In the 43rd Parliament, there are eight standing committees:

  • Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs
  • Standing Committee on Government Agencies
  • Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy
  • Standing Committee on the Interior
  • Standing Committee on Justice Policy
  • Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs
  • Standing Committee on Public Accounts
  • Standing Committee on Social Policy

The membership of these committees was determined at the start of the Parliament, in accordance with the standing orders.  


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