Meet your information needs with the new Library and research page

May 19, 2021


The Legislative Library

Visit our new Library and research page, where you can find library and research resources and services provided by the Office of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Explore the library catalogue, a comprehensive collection that serves the work of MPPs and Legislative Assembly staff. This resource includes a collection of Ontario government news releases dating back to the 1960s. You can also download bibliographic records. 

The catalogue gives you access to the Government and Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal (GALLOP) and the Ontario Government Documents Portal. GALLOP provides full-text access to government publications collected by legislative libraries across Canada. Similarly, the Ontario Government Documents Portal provides full-text access to Ontario government documents collected by our Legislative Library.

Also featured is the International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) and International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN) service. This service supports the work of libraries and researchers by assigning unique numbers to Ontario government publications on behalf of Library and Archives Canada.

Finally, you can access data resources, such as the Ontario government publications monthly checklist.

Whether you are a legislative researcher or simply interested in legislative research, you can use the Library and research page to help meet your information needs.

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Visit the new Library and research page.

Learn more about the library catalogue, the ISBN and ISSN service, and our data resources

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