Ontario 1967

Picture of John Robarts unveiling the Post One monument

Premier John Robarts unveils the Post One monument, 1967. ©Archives of Ontario

To commemorate Canada’s centennial, the Legislative Building was elaborately decorated and celebrations were held on Canada Day. Additionally, a legacy project established the Post One Monument on the east grounds of Queen’s Park. This was done in cooperation with the federal government and all other provinces and territories in Canada. Geodetic survey monuments were placed in each province and territory, creating a network of 12 precisely located survey posts across the country. All were unveiled and dedicated on June 21st, 1967.

A unique feature of the Post One monument includes a time capsule, sunk in the path in front of the monument. Sealed at the time of the ceremony, the capsule includes items associated with Ontario in 1967, including microfilms of Toronto, provincial maps, current news magazines, coins, musical compositions and photographs. It is slated to be opened on July 1st, 2067.