Research papers

The Legislative Library and Legislative Research provide MPPs, their staff, and legislative committees with confidential, non-partisan research and analysis on request. They also prepare research papers on key public policy topics of interest to parliamentarians.

Research papers are intended to assist MPPs and their staff with their work. However, select research papers are available to the public.



Date published

Ontario’s Human Rights Code Heather Conklin November 2022

A Guide to Inaugural Speeches

Carrie Hull and Larry Johnston

June 2022

How an Ontario Bill Becomes Law

Larry Johnston and Sude Bahar Beltan

June 2022

Private Members’ Public Bills: What They Are and How They’re Made

Michael Morden

June 2022

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

Michael Morden

June 2022

Provincial Plans: A Primer

Michael Vidoni

March 2022

Flood Management in Ontario

Sude Bahar Beltan

December 2021

Public Health and Epidemiology: An Overview

Erica Simmons

November 2021

A Primer on Legal Aid in Ontario

Lauren Warner

October 2021

Women on the Frontlines in Ontario’s Fight Against COVID-19

Laura Anthony and Sude Bahar Beltan

October 2021

Municipal Governance in Canada

Michael Vidoni

September 2021

Access to Justice: Initiatives to Improve Access to Legal Services and Dispute Resolution

Lauren Warner

April 2021

Federal Transfers to Ontario

Jason Apostolopoulos

January 2021