Acts affected - Bill 14

Most Ontario public acts are available electronically; to view copies of the Acts to be amended by this bill visit e-laws

Assessment Act
Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010
Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014
Building Code Act, 1992
Children's Law Reform Act
Commodity Futures Act
Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
Electricity Act, 1998
Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993
Family Law Act
Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act, 1996
Family Statute Law Amendment Act, 2009
Gasoline Tax Act
Housing Development Act
Income Tax Act
Insurance Act
Land Transfer Tax Act
Legislative Assembly Act
Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998
Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007
Ministry of Energy Act, 2011
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Act
Ministry of Revenue Act
Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998
Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act
Pension Benefits Act
Pension Benefits Amendment Act, 2010
Prepaid Hospital and Medical Services Act
Securities Act
Taxation Act, 2007
Taxpayer Protection Act, 1999
Tobacco Tax Act

Legislative Assembly of Ontario