Tuesday 7 August 2018 Mardi 7 août 2018

Election of Chair

Election of Vice-Chair

Appointment of subcommittee












The committee met at 0901 in room 151.

Election of Chair

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Jocelyn McCauley): Welcome, everyone. Good morning, honourable members. It is my duty to call upon you to elect a Chair. Are there any nominations? Yes?

Mr. Taras Natyshak: I move that John Vanthof be appointed as Chair of the committee.

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Jocelyn McCauley): Does the member accept the nomination?

Mr. John Vanthof: Yes, I do.

The Clerk of the Committee (Ms. Jocelyn McCauley): Are there any further nominations? There being no further nominations, I declare the nominations closed and Mr. Vanthof elected Chair of the committee. If you would like to come on up.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): I was dutifully told to take my name plate.

Interjection: Congratulations.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Thank you.

Election of Vice-Chair

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Good morning. It’s my duty to entertain a motion for Vice-Chair of the committee. Are there any motions? Ms. Fee.

Mrs. Amy Fee: I move that Mr. Natyshak be appointed as Vice-Chair.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Do you accept?

Mr. Taras Natyshak: With gratitude and thanks to my nominator, yes, I do.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): A motion has been moved by Ms. Fee. Is “Ms.” the proper—

Mrs. Amy Fee: Ms. or Mrs. It doesn’t really matter to me. I’m good either way.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Okay, thank you.

Any further nominations? Any debate? Seeing none, if there are no further motions, are the members ready to vote? All in favour? Carried.

Mr. Taras Natyshak: Phew. Thank you.

I have an acceptance speech here somewhere.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Okay, out of order.

Appointment of subcommittee

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Mr. Nicholls.

Mr. Rick Nicholls: I move that a subcommittee on committee business be appointed to meet from time to time at the call of the Chair or at the request of any member thereof, to consider and report to the committee on the business of the committee;

That the presence of all members of the subcommittee is necessary to constitute a meeting; and

That the subcommittee be composed of the following members: the Chair as Chair, Ms. Khanjin and Mr. Natyshak; and

That substitution be permitted on the subcommittee.

The Chair (Mr. John Vanthof): Thank you. Any discussions or comments? Seeing none, I will now put the question. Shall the motion carry? Carried.

We will now go into the closed session briefing on our committee’s mandate.

The committee continued in closed session at 0906.






Chair / Président

Mr. John Vanthof (Timiskaming–Cochrane ND)


Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Taras Natyshak (Essex ND)


Mr. Roman Baber (York Centre / York-Centre PC)

Mr. Rudy Cuzzetto (Mississauga–Lakeshore PC)

Mrs. Amy Fee (Kitchener South–Hespeler / Kitchener-Sud–Hespeler PC)

Mr. Vincent Ke (Don Valley North / Don Valley-Nord PC)

Ms. Andrea Khanjin (Barrie–Innisfil PC)

Mrs. Marie-France Lalonde (Orléans L)

Mr. Taras Natyshak (Essex ND)

Mr. Rick Nicholls (Chatham-Kent–Leamington PC)

Mr. Jeremy Roberts (Ottawa West–Nepean / Ottawa-Ouest–Nepean PC)

Ms. Marit Stiles (Davenport ND)

Mr. John Vanthof (Timiskaming–Cochrane ND)


Clerk / Greffière

Ms. Jocelyn McCauley


Staff / Personnel

Ms. Monica Cop, research officer,
Research Services

Mr. Andrew McNaught, research officer,
Research Services