Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom)

The beaver












Wisdom is to be used for the good of all people - to cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom. The term “Wisdom” can also be interpreted to mean “prudence” or “intelligence.” This means know the difference between right and wrong, use good judgement and common sense when making decisions, and consider how our actions will affect future generations. Wisdom develops over time, and that is why it is important to seek guidance from our elders – they have lots of experience and life skills to draw on.

Wisdom is represented by the beaver, who uses its natural gifts of sharp teeth wisely to cut logs and branches to build dams. Everyone has a special gift, and you can show Wisdom by using your gift.

Nibwaakaawin aabajichigaade ji-mino-izhiwebiziwaad gakina bemaadizijig – zaagitoong gikendamowin mii dash gikendaming nibwaakaawin. Nibwaakaawin ezhi-waabanda’ang aw amik, ezhi-bimaadizid giinaabided nibwaakaad ji-dadaakwamaad mitigoon miinawaa wadikwan ji-okonimiked.