Debwewin (Truth)

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Truth is speaking only about what you have lived or experienced, do not deceive yourself or others. Truth is to know and practice all of the Seven Grandfather Teachings together. We should share the teachings with others, and demonstrate how to live a good life by following all of them.

Truth is represented by the turtle, who was here during the creation of Earth and carries all of life’s teachings on his back. By living in a slow and conscientious manner, the turtle knows the value of both the journey and the destination. 

Debwewin ezhi-dibaadodaming eta go gaa-izhi-bimaadizing gaa-izhiwebizing, gego maji-doodaadizoken gemaa gaye awiya. Debwewin ezhi-waabanda’ang aw mishiikenh, gaa-ayaad gii-ozhichigaadenig aki miinawaa gikinoo’amaagewinan obimoondaanan. Inaadizid bezikaad miinawaa nibwaakaad, mishiikenh ogikendaanan babaamaadiziwin miinawaa waa-izhaang ningoji.