Dabasenimowin (Humility)


The wolf












Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation. You are equal to others, but you are not better. To practice Humility is to live your life free from arrogance, and to think of others before yourself. We must show compassion for all of Creation, both towards humans and non-humans.

Humility is represented by the wolf, who are social animals that live in packs. They seek life-long bonds, and work in cooperation with each other and for the greater good of the pack.

Dabasenimowin ezhi-gikenindizoyan ezhi-dibendaagoziyan akiing. Giin miinawaa gakina awiya naasaab gidizhi-apiitendaagozim, gaawiin wiin awashime gigichi-apiitendaagozisii. Dabasenimowin ezhi-waabanda’ang aw ma’iingan, ma’iinganag naadamaadiwag inawendiwaad inaadiziwaad okwiinowaad. Wiiji-anokiindiwag ji-mino-izhiwebiziwaad.