Wednesday 10 September 1997

Subcommittee report


Chair / Président Mr Joseph N. Tascona (Simcoe Centre / -Centre PC)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président Mr Gary Fox (Prince Edward-Lennox-South Hastings / Prince Edward-Lennox-Hastings-Sud PC)

Mr John R. Baird (Nepean PC)

Mr Tony Clement (Brampton South / -Sud PC)

Mr Alvin Curling (Scarborough North / -Nord L)

Mr Gary Fox (Prince Edward-Lennox-South Hastings /

Prince Edward-Lennox-Hastings-Sud PC)

Mr Ernie Hardeman (Oxford PC)

Mr Ron Johnson (Brantford PC)

Mrs Margaret Marland (Mississauga South / -Sud PC)

Mr Allan K. McLean (Simcoe East / -Est PC)

Mr Gilles E. Morin (Carleton East / -Est L)

Mrs Sandra Pupatello (Windsor-Sandwich L)

Mr Tony Silipo (Dovercourt ND)

Mr Joseph N. Tascona (Simcoe Centre / -Centre PC)

Mr David Tilson (Dufferin-Peel PC)

Mr Bud Wildman (Algoma ND)

Also taking part / Autres participants et participantes

Ms Barbara Speakman, executive director, Legislative Assembly services

Clerk / Greffier Mr Peter Sibenik

Staff / Personnel Mr Lewis Yeager, research officer, Legislative Research Service

The committee met at 1540 in room 228.


The Chair (Mr Joseph N. Tascona): We're going to commence the committee. We had a subcommittee meeting a few minutes ago and I just want to report on that.

Your subcommittee met on September 10, 1997, to discuss the future business of the committee and it has agreed to recommend as follows:

(1) Bill 150 will be scheduled for September 17, 1997. We'll advertise on the parliamentary channel, and Mr Danford is to be notified by the committee clerk.

(2) We're going to tour the Legislative Building today.

(3) MPP Hastings will be invited to appear before the next meeting of the committee on September 17, 1997, to deal with his matter, which is new technology.

(4) A letter is going to be sent to Mr O'Toole that the order and decorum matter has been removed from the committee's agenda.

Is there a motion to accept this report?

Mr Tony Clement (Brampton South): I'll move it.

The Chair: All those in favour? Carried.

The next order of duty is a tour of the Legislative Building. We have Barbara Speakman, the executive director of Legislative Assembly services, with us today. I welcome you to the committee. If you would like to make a few remarks, then we can commence the tour.

Ms Barbara Speakman: I'm not sure exactly what you want to see, but I thought if we started on what is currently the fifth floor, which is unfinished, up in the attic, I can show you some of the work that has already been done there. I can also describe to you some of the work that was done on the roof and the structural members up there during the renovation of the building and explain some of the difficulties we had prior to the renovation.

I can then show you just what is before the Board of Internal Economy at the moment with respect to future renovation to the building. I thought that might help. I don't know what other parts of the building you would like to see, but perhaps you can tell me that as you go along.

The Chair: Any of the other members?

Mr Allan K. McLean (Simcoe East): I suggested that we have a look at the basement in the north wing. There have been some modifications taking place there and some members don't know what's down there, so I thought we could have a tour of that. I know there are some showers there and some facilities that members are not aware of. If each caucus saw that -- it won't take long to look at it.

The Chair: Any other areas?

Mr Clement: The member is assuming that we don't know there are showers there. Obviously we've got to do a better job with personal hygiene.

The Chair: Okay. We're going to go out on the tour. We're going to lock the doors, so if you've got anything you want to take with you, I'd suggest you take it with you.

The committee adjourned at 1543.