Question Period Program Overview

This 60-minute program consists of two segments:

  • Students will observe a portion of Question Period (also known as Oral Questions) from the public galleries in the Legislative Chamber.
  • A participatory activity or a tour of the Legislative Building. We will work with teachers to provide the most suitable option for each group.

What is Question Period (Oral Questions)?

  • It is a specific time allotted in the daily schedule of the meetings of the Legislature as outlined in the Standing Orders, the rules and procedures for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
  • Usually the loudest and liveliest part of the day.
  • An opportunity for MPPs to ask the Premier and Cabinet Ministers questions about government policy and current issues.

Issues we will ask students to consider:

  • What is the parliamentary process?
  • Who is asking questions?
  • How are the Cabinet Ministers answering the questions?
  • How are the questions asked by government MPPs different from those asked by opposition MPPs?
  • How is observing the Legislature different in person than online or on television?
  • Why is it important to schedule time for Question Period?
  • What is the role of the media?

To prepare:

  • Watch Question Period online at or on television if available (check local cable listings).
  • Discuss current issues facing the Ontario government – collect newspaper clippings or read online news reports. Can you predict which topics might come up during Question Period?


Electronic devices are not permitted in the Legislative Chamber while the Legislature is in session. If possible, please leave your electronics on the bus or at school, otherwise they will be collected and stored by staff when you arrive. This includes teachers and chaperones.