Introduction to Parliament

Introduction to Parliament

Students will be introduced to Ontario's Parliament and government through participatory activities that relate to key concepts of the curriculum. This introductory program will focus on the roles of Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), key parliamentary players, and how a law is created by engaging in a mock debate.

Max. 35 + 5 adults
Group type
Grades 4-6

10 a.m.; 1 p.m. EDT

*Consult the Parliamentary Calendar 

90 minutes

Advanced registration required.
Visitors (16 years of age +) must show a piece of government-issued photo identification to enter.
Questions? Contact 416-325-0061 or
Note: Due to parliamentary events, program dates, times, and activities are subject to change without notice.


This program includes:

  • a tour of the historic Legislative Building
  • a visit to the Legislative Chamber
  • a mock debate, and a game to demonstrate the responsibilities of each of the 3 levels of government

For more information and for additional activities check out our Teacher Resources and Games and Quizzes.