Little Devil, 2018 - Timothy Mohan, Canadian Irish and Cree decent

Image of Little Devil by Timothy Mohan

Timothy Mohan is a self-taught, colourblind artist of Canadian Irish and Cree descent. His artwork is derived from a variety of sources and inspirations, including his Indigenous ancestry, wildlife and nature, which he fuses together in a multilayered, cohesive whole. To achieve this end result, he combines different artistic mediums and applies modern tools and techniques to his pieces. Mohan strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and actively supports non-profit organizations by donating original artworks and prints to be used for raising funds.

This piece features owls, which in First Nations folklore often symbolize an evil spirit. The bony circles around an owl's eyes are thought to be made up by ghosts. Owls can also carry messages from beyond the grave or deliver warnings to people. Hearing an owl hoot is considered an unlucky omen.