SP001 - Tue 7 Aug 2018 / Mar 7 aoû 2018



Tuesday 7 August 2018 Mardi 7 août 2018

Election of Chair

Election of Vice-Chair

Appointment of subcommittee


The committee met at 1600 in room 151.

Election of Chair

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. Eric Rennie): Good afternoon, honourable members. My name is Eric Rennie. I’m the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Social Policy. As the Clerk of the Committee, it is my duty to call upon you to elect a Chair. Are there any nominations for Chair? Mrs. Fee.

Mrs. Amy Fee: I’d like to nominate Mrs. Tangri.

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. Eric Rennie): Mrs. Tangri, do you accept the nomination?

Mrs. Nina Tangri: I accept the nomination.

The Clerk of the Committee (Mr. Eric Rennie): Are there any further nominations for Chair? There being no further nominations, I declare nominations closed and Mrs. Tangri elected Chair of the committee.

Mrs. Tangri, would you please assume the chair?

Election of Vice-Chair

The Chair (Mrs. Nina Tangri): Good afternoon, honourable members. It is my duty to entertain a motion for Vice-Chair. Are there any motions? Mrs. Martin.

Mrs. Robin Martin: I move that Mr. Deepak Anand be appointed Vice-Chair of the committee.

The Chair (Mrs. Nina Tangri): A motion has been moved that Mr. Anand be nominated as Vice-Chair. Are the members ready to vote? Is there anyone else for Vice-Chair? Shall the motion carry? All those in favour? Any opposed? The motion is accordingly carried.

Appointment of subcommittee

The Chair (Mrs. Nina Tangri): Is there a motion for appointment of the subcommittee?

Ms. Doly Begum: I move that a subcommittee on committee business be appointed to meet from time to time at the call of the Chair or at the request of any member thereof, to consider and report to the committee on the business of the committee;

That the presence of all members of the subcommittee is necessary to constitute a meeting; and

That the subcommittee be composed of the following members: the Chair as Chair, Ms. Triantafilopoulos and Mr. Burch; and

That substitution be permitted on the subcommittee.

The Chair (Mrs. Nina Tangri): Is there any debate on the motion? Seeing none, all those in favour of the motion? Carried.

We are going to go into closed session.

The committee continued in closed session at 1605.


Chair / Présidente

Mrs. Nina Tangri (Mississauga–Streetsville PC)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr. Deepak Anand (Mississauga–Malton PC)

Mr. Deepak Anand (Mississauga–Malton PC)

Ms. Doly Begum (Scarborough Southwest / Scarborough-Sud-Ouest ND)

Mr. Jeff Burch (Niagara Centre / Niagara-Centre ND)

Mrs. Amy Fee (Kitchener South–Hespeler / Kitchener-Sud–Hespeler PC)

Mr. Michael Gravelle (Thunder Bay–Superior North / Thunder Bay–Supérieur-Nord L)

Mr. Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre / Ottawa-Centre ND)

Mrs. Belinda Karahalios (Cambridge PC)

Mrs. Robin Martin (Eglinton–Lawrence PC)

Mr. Sheref Sabawy (Mississauga–Erin Mills PC)

Mrs. Nina Tangri (Mississauga–Streetsville PC)

Ms. Effie J. Triantafilopoulos (Oakville North–Burlington / Oakville-Nord–Burlington PC)

Clerk / Greffier

Mr. Eric Rennie

Staff / Personnel

Mr. Michael Vidoni, research officer,
Research Services