Thursday 24 October 2002 Jeudi 24 octobre 2002



Thursday 24 October 2002 Jeudi 24 octobre 2002

The committee met at 1004 in room 151.


The Vice-Chair (Mr Ted Arnott): I call the meeting to order. Honourable members, it is my duty to call upon you to elect a Chair. Are there any nominations?

Hon Doug Galt (Minister without Portfolio): I move that Mr Joe Spina fill the position of Chair.

Mr Gerry Phillips (Scarborough-Agincourt): I will second that.

The Vice-Chair: Are there any further nominations? Seeing none, it's my privilege and honour to declare Mr Spina duly elected Chair of the standing committee on finance and economic affairs. Congratulations, Mr Spina.

Mr Joseph Spina (Brampton Centre): Thank you.

Mr Monte Kwinter (York Centre): Can I move adjournment of the meeting?

The Vice-Chair: No.

Mr Kwinter: Have we other issues?

The Vice-Chair: Allow him to take the chair.

Mr Kwinter: Oh, allow him to take the chair.

Mr Phillips: I have a question too, if I could.

Hon Mr Galt: Wait for the new Chair. Put it to the new one. Initiate him by fire.

The Chair (Mr Joseph Spina): Thank you, folks, for your confidence and direction.


The Chair: Mr Phillips, you had a question?

Mr Phillips: Mr Chair, has the waterfront bill been referred to this committee?

Hon Mr Galt: Which bill?

Mr Phillips: Remember we had that time allocation motion?

The Chair: I've been advised that it has not, at least at this point.

Hon Mr Galt: Was it in the time allocation motion? Did it state it was coming to this committee?

Mr Phillips: Somebody told me it did.

Hon Mr Galt: I'll have to go back and check.

The Chair: It's my understanding that, yes, it was called for, but the House has to call it back for second reading before it can be referred to the committee. That's the advice I'm receiving.

Mr Phillips: I thought --

The Chair: That was just the time allocation motion, I think, Gerry.

Mr Phillips: So they haven't called it.

The Chair: They haven't called it for second reading. Once they call it for second reading --

Hon Mr Galt: The second reading vote.

The Chair: Yes.

Mr Phillips: I believed the government urgently wanted to get that thing passed, so I just assumed it would have been dealt with by now.

The Chair: Perhaps you might want to mention that to your House leader, to encourage our House leader to get it called.

Mr Phillips: Be that as it may.

Mr Kwinter: Mr Chairman, can I now call for adjournment of this committee?

The Chair: No, we have one other small piece of business. Is there another piece of business someone would like to bring forward?

Mr Ted Arnott (Waterloo-Wellington): Yes, Mr Chair. I would like to move that Mr Beaubien replace Mr O'Toole as a member of the subcommittee on committee business representing our party.

Mr Wayne Wettlaufer (Kitchener Centre): If I may say something, Mr Chair, the only difficulty with that is it will give Mr O'Toole more time to speak in the House.

Hon Mr Galt: There are some days we can use that.

Mr Phillips: I move that Mr Galt be on the subcommittee.

Hon Mr Galt: We appreciate your concern.

The Chair: Is there any other discussion on that motion? All those in favour? Opposed? Carried. Mr Beaubien will now replace Mr O'Toole as a member of the subcommittee on committee business.

Mr Phillips: Quite a little bag shake we've had here.

Hon Mr Galt: Tell me about it.

Mr Phillips: Wait till the media finds out about this.

Mr Kwinter: Now, Mr Chairman, I would like to call for adjournment of this committee.

The Chair: Agreed? Adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 1008.


Thursday 24 October 2002

Election of Chair F-3

Committee business F-3


Chair / Président

Mr Joseph Spina (Brampton Centre / -Centre PC)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr Ted Arnott (Waterloo-Wellington PC)

Mr Ted Arnott (Waterloo-Wellington PC)

Mr Marcel Beaubien (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC)

Mr David Christopherson (Hamilton West / -Ouest ND)

Mr Monte Kwinter (York Centre / -Centre L)

Mr John O'Toole (Durham PC)

Mr Gerry Phillips (Scarborough-Agincourt L)

Mr Rob Sampson (Mississauga Centre / -Centre PC)

Mr Joseph Spina (Brampton Centre / -Centre PC)

Substitutions / Membres remplaçants

Mr Doug Galt (Northumberland PC)

Mr Wayne Wettlaufer (Kitchener Centre / -Centre PC)

Clerk / Greffier

Mr Katch Koch

Staff / Personnel

Mr Larry Johnston,
Research and Information Services