Thursday 10 October 2002 Jeudi 10 octobre 2002



Thursday 10 October 2002 Jeudi 10 octobre 2002

The committee met at 1005 in room 151.


The Chair (Mr Marcel Beaubien): Good morning, everyone. If I can get your attention, we'll bring the meeting to order.

We have two issues to deal with this morning. First, it's our duty to elect a new Vice-Chair to this committee. The second order of business will be to appoint a government member to the subcommittee on committee business.

I'll go to the first item of business, which is to elect a Vice-Chair. Any nominations?

Mr Monte Kwinter (York Centre): Mr Chair, I'd like to put into nomination the name of Ted Arnott, the member from Wellington-Waterloo.

Mr Ted Arnott (Waterloo-Wellington): Waterloo-Wellington.

Mr Rob Sampson (Mississauga Centre): You just want to hear Ted speak, that's all.

The Chair: Any further nominations? Any more nominations? Going three times. No more nominations? The floor is closed for nominations.

I would imagine that Ted is automatically elected. Congratulations.

Mr Arnott: Thank you.


The Chair: The other issue we're dealing with is to appoint a government member to the subcommittee.

Mr Joseph Spina (Brampton Centre): I nominate Mr O'Toole as the government member on the subcommittee.

The Chair: Mr O'Toole has been nominated.

Mr Sampson: I thought the nominations usually come from the opposition.

The Chair: Well, we can take them from both sides.


Mr Kwinter: Mr Chairman, on a point of order: I have no problem with it, any way you want it, but it would seem to me that each caucus decides who is going to be their representative on the subcommittee. I don't think the finance and economic affairs committee makes that decision. It's up to you to decide whom you would like to represent you on that subcommittee. I don't know why we are dealing with it here.

The Chair: I'm getting a ruling from the clerk. Apparently it has to be endorsed by the committee, especially when there is no subcommittee member on the government side at this point in time. The former member was Mr Hardeman.

Mr Gerry Phillips (Scarborough-Agincourt): That's all fine with us.

Mr Kwinter: Sure.

The Chair: Is everybody in favour of this? We are.

That ends the business for the day.

Mr Phillips: Mr Chair, if I might kind of alert the committee: the budget next year will be in March, which is earlier than usual. The reason I raise it is that I think the subcommittee might want to get together a little bit earlier just to kind of plan the pre-budget things. We've tended to have the pre-budget hearings in February, and we may want to consider doing that earlier. The normal process is that the subcommittee meets sometime in December and comes forward with a recommendation to the committee. But we may want to get together in November and just start to think about that.

The Chair: It's a very good point, and that's the reason I called this meeting this morning, so that we could organize the committee to prepare ourselves for that, because it's going to be earlier -- we did not have a Vice-Chair, we did not have --

Mr Phillips: You're way ahead of me.

The Chair: That was the plan, OK?

Mr Phillips: Great.

Mr Sampson: Mr Chair, one more point: the subcommittee is meeting shortly, I gather --

The Chair: That's correct.

Mr Sampson: -- to sort of order business for the committee, according to Mr Phillips, over the next couple of months. I'm wondering, if the House chooses to move on a bill shortly, if it receives another bill to consider, whether it will have time to consider that particular piece of legislation.

The Chair: This is something we certainly can discuss at the subcommittee level and report back to the committee. I'm sure it's been done before, so I don't see any difficulties there.

Mr Sampson: OK, great. Thanks.

The Chair: This committee is now adjourned.

The committee adjourned at 1010.


Thursday 10 October 2002

Election of Vice-Chair F-1

Subcommittee membership F-1


Chair / Président

Mr Marcel Beaubien (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC)

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Mr Ted Arnott (Waterloo-Wellington PC)

Mr Ted Arnott (Waterloo-Wellington PC)

Mr Marcel Beaubien (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC)

Mr David Christopherson (Hamilton West / -Ouest ND)

Mr Monte Kwinter (York Centre / -Centre L)

Mr John O'Toole (Durham PC)

Mr Gerry Phillips (Scarborough-Agincourt L)

Mr Rob Sampson (Mississauga Centre / -Centre PC)

Mr Joseph Spina (Brampton Centre / -Centre PC)

Clerk / Greffier

Mr Katch Koch