MPPs are your representatives in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

There are currently 124 seats in the Legislature. Each seat represents a riding in Ontario. Members of provincial Parliament (MPPs) are elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario by citizens in their riding. 

The results of the June 7, 2018, election are unofficial until they are certified by the Chief Electoral Officer.

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Find your riding

The number of ridings (electoral districts) in Ontario has increased from 107 to 124. For the 2018 general election, you might have a new riding or the boundaries of your electoral district might have changed.

Need help finding your riding? Use Election Ontario's Find an electoral district tool.

Contact information and roles

Contact a constituency office
Constituency offices are staffed during the election period.

Ministers continue to act as the heads of their ministries until new ministers are appointed after the election.

Expense reports

Members Expense report

Information about payments made to MPPs for travel, accommodation, meals, and hospitality expenses are posted online.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is responsible for posting members' expense reports and opposition leaders and their staff expense reports online.

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All MPPs

Information about every member that has served Ontario since the 1st Parliament in 1867.

Find dates of service and parliamentary roles for past and present members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Search by a member’s last name or by Parliament and date.

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